Monday, January 03, 2011

DAY "ONE" A.K.A This is what you come up with after over 2 years of silence?

The quotes are because this isn't the first thought per se, just the first one I got while having the opportunity to type it out... so it's not technically day number 1
There's a million reasons to panic... All as insignificant or as life changing as you choose to make them. Fact remains that millions of people did it before you and hopefully millions after you will (end-of-the-world events permitting)

It might be too soon to write about it in the first place... Perhaps I haven't had the time to fully absorb and/or realize the impact of this step...

I was telling "N" a couple of days back that finding someone in your late twenties makes you one step closer to what many might consider the good life... I've failed to mention to her that it also automatically gives you a statistical longevity advantage over those who found said someone (I refuse to use the term "the one") in their early twenties.
Is it luck? Number of (educated) trials? Sheer bloody determination to tough it out? I have an answer but since almost every persons answer to that question is bound to be a subjective, autobiographical one, I would rather keep my answer to myself... I personally have evidence against and for all 3 theories :)

Laptops and Beauty marks on girls who resemble exes aside [which ex? Doesn't matter N ♥], I think its up for each person to discover the answer to that question on their own... I'm reminded? Of an old story about someone asking the old wise man the answer to some question and the old man sending him on several pointless quests only at the end for the young apprentice to realize that the answer lied in the actual journey... You know?
Update: It could also be The Karate Kid part 1 :)

Soooooo, where was I? Yes, panicking.
I'm OK with my own company... I keep myself in check, and generally before it gets too complicated as well... No one is perfect but we should all strive to be better, shouldn't we? In fact (religion aside) I believe in mini mistakes to help us do mini corrections on our course to "greatness"... Everybody wants to be great don't they?


I have cyclical depression? Tidal shifts
I like to refer to them as waves washing over me and any man worth his dinner knows you don't fight the tide, you swim and duck and such until you clear it... It'll be interesting to see how it goes with "N" ♥ around this year and with all the new factors

P.s. It is also worth noting that those cycles are most apparent/vicious in Jan and late June early July.

P.s Bardo :) It's not the first thing in over 2 years, just the first here :)