Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why should I help???

A weird memory flashed across my mind yesterday as I was with my best friend “the asshole” and his bitch fiancée (N) and a lot of the asshole’s work buddies

I got lost 3 times in London as a kid.

Yep that’s right three times, you’d think I’d have learned by maybe the second time but nope.
I would like to go on the record that I love London and consider it my home away from home

It all started when I was Six years old, I was on a school trip, not an official school trip per se but it was supervised by our school or something don’t really remember the only reason I went was because my sister was going and my mom was going anyway at that time so it was either London or my grandma’s house

On one of the organized outings we were supposed to go to see some place (possibly the tower of London, maybe Madame tussauds wax museum or some other similar place)

I tagged along and daydreamed most of the time (I used to daydream a lot when I was a kid) actually all my school reports stated that “kareem is a very bright kid…bla bla blah but needs to pay more attention” then on the ride back to the hotel I was sleepy so I sneaked to the back of the crowded bus and cuddled next to a “pretty” girl (too bad she was too old for me, she was in grade 11 or something while I was six, it didn’t work out) I was cute back then, before the weight and the pimples and the insecurities piled on.

I woke up maybe an hour later to find that the bus instead of the expected noise of the teenagers who were on board I found two nice middle aged ladies and one possibly deceased English man with a weird hat on his head, I remember distinctly that I didn’t cry, and that’s coming from a kid who was around 6 years old that time, and who didn’t speak English very well.

Strange huh?

Now the way things are in this life Is that now if I find that bus driver who helped me find my way back, to the hotel, called them up and told them there’s a kid that you guys forgot, bought me chocolates and gummy bears or something (and a diet 7up) I don’t know why he bought me a diet 7up but I distinctly remember that it was diet (maybe he thought I might be diabetic and I have tons of respect for him even if that wasn’t why he got the diet one) but the sad truth is that if I he needed a blood donation I wouldn’t give it to him cuz I don’t know him now, I owe him a lot yet there’s no chance in hell that I’ll be able to pay him back, maybe that’s the reason we’re meant to “pay it forward”

Do you guys find it strange that I remember tiny details like the diet 7up one?


Mo'men said...

"before the weight and the pimples and the insecurities piled on" ..

Gamda deh ya kamba, you are one of the few people who talks about insecurities in a very, well for lack of words, casual way ..

"maybe that’s the reason we’re meant to “pay it forward”"

i'm big fan of paying it forward , my reasons are:

1- I love the movie, Spacey's work in general and i love how the kid is idolized after he's dead

2- I have the habit of picking up" mogandeen" from one army chekpoint to the other, maybe it will come in handy in the judgmentday or whatever, securing a less hotter place in the hell-plaza :)

Anonymous said...

as i was reading, i was thinking to myself that someone else is meant to do that bus driver good equal to what he did for u.. then i read the "pay it forward", luv the movie btw

KareemFromEgypt said...

mo2sh: mabalash kamba dih yabni mesh 3ayzeen fadaye7.

Insomniac: i never saw the movie :s
only the trailer

the lonely twin said...

actually I don't find it strange :D
you knw about the school report thing ... it used to happen to me as well hehe

Nora said...
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Nora said...

I do not think it is strange.
It is probably linked to when you felt safe and ok.. which is why you would remember it now.
It must have been linked to stronger feelings that you do not remember now...

Memories are weird like that.... Same kinda thing happened to me about tuna!!

the lonely twin said...

I remember the tuna post nora... it was one of your most touching ones

Juka said...

I think it's sweet that you remember. Paying it forward is a great idea. Can totally relate to the insecurities piling up!

Anonymous said...

I remember coming out of a cave and suddenly hung upside down, being slapped on the ass then I started to cry...weird.

KareemFromEgypt said...

Luci: bardo??

Nora: i read the tuna post, it was very depressing

Juka: can't we all, insecurities add character though

Sam: what else do you remember? :)))

Adrasteia said...

adraSTEIA. yes greek myth. and i know i'm replying on the wrong post but i just wanted to say i agree about remembering details-- it's not weird. you're really preoccupied with being weird you know. everybodys weird so nobodys weird.
what IS weird is although i can remember tiny details like the light switch being beside me on the second bunk of this bed on a boat when we fled kuwait (first gulf war)-- i dont remember a SINGLE soldier although they were all over the place.
have you forgotten major things too?

KareemFromEgypt said...

Adrasteia: not preoccupied with being weird, Aware of the fact that i'm weird, Anyone Out Of The
Mainstream, Is Anyone In The
Mainstream as they say in "Rent"

i don't think i forgot major things, i have a freakishly sharp memory in general

maybe your way of dealing was fixating on the smaller things.

then again my most traumatic/ near-death experience happened last year so i remember it word by word, all 48 hours or so of it