Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Malice Rising

Did i mention that Cup Of Malice is back???

For now :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tagged Again

Tagged by 2 of my favorite girls Raghoooda and LoLo to do the "things you don't know about me" Tag

Ooooooh and Walaa tagged me before them bardo

update: LouLou Bardo Tagged me

Not a lot about me that people don't know but I’ll try

Here goes... my dignity

- I had asthma as a kid but you can't tell now, and definitely not by the way I smoke
-as a result I wasn't allowed to play an sports as a kid (the doctors restricted me from doing it)

- I studied to be a Danseur as a kid for about 2 months (that's a male ballet dancer for you simpler lot)
- The longest time I’ve spent going to the gym in a row was 3 weeks, 4 times a week

- I once kept checking that I set the alarm clock on the right time for 12 full minutes
- And I almost always have to re-check that the car doors are locked (even my friend's cars)
- and it doesn't help that the 2 times I forgot to do so I came back and found that I left the windows rolled down as well

- I can barely stand to listen to one song from the beginning to the end; I usually skip to the next song after a minute and a half

- Although I was at some point 45 kgs overweight (100 pounds) I was still quite flexible (I could and still can bring my foot above my head, not quite over it just barely on top of my head but still impressive in my book)

- I have extra sensitive skin (for the lack of a better word) which can be quite bothersome but comes in handy at some other times

- I adore girls with thin lips; I prefer thin lips to the fuller kind (unlike most men)
- I prefer fuller women to thinner ones (ya3ni 5 kilos overweight is better than 5 kilos underweight, 10 kgs overweight better than 10 kgs underweight and 20 kilos overweight better than dead)

- I can't whistle
-and I can't make bubbles with bubble gum (not once in my life was I able to make one)
- Until I was in high school I didn't know how to snap/click my fingers (I suddenly woke up and could)

- My confidence/self esteem level changes from 1-10 almost every other day

- I have a certain inclination to dislike exceptionally good looking people until they prove themselves worthy
- Naturally I’m not rather fond of extra-skinny people who eat more than I do (they make me feel like i got the shitty end of the stick)

speaking of which.... Why Is There Shit On Either Ends Of The Stick In The First Place???????? (i don't think i reeeeaaaally want to know though)

Now who do I tag??? It seems like everyone else has done this one


Saturday, February 10, 2007

An attempt at writing without a certain thought or theory in mind

I am sitting at the café where I used to hang 2 years ago with this chick (H)

I am supposed to be working of possible schedules for working hours for my business as I’m not comfortable with the existing one

Instead I’m listening to tristian prettyman (a very cool female vocalist, similar to Jason mraz and jewel in style) and downloading songs

All of a sudden walks in this quite tall girl, with exceptionally black hair, white complexion and a black coat, she looks like (H) except her eyebrows aren’t thicker than mine :)

What is apparent is that I’m probably still not completely at peace over how much of an assholette she was to me ( I guess what goes around comes around) that’s the one thing that is keeping me from being bitter about this issue entire issue

Damn that girl smells fine (she just passed by me to greet her boyfriend )


Regarding work….. hold on I don’t wanna talk about work

Let’s talk women…

Yesterday I saw probably one of the hottest women in Cairo, not only saw her but she was dancing about 3 meters away from me, not with me but hey, can’t win ‘em all

It was the engagement of my best friend’s brother, and she was the sister of the bride, the much older sister, who also happens to be engaged.

Not only does she look like a goddess, she also dances pretty nicely.

What is it about a woman who can dance????

I also remember another woman at after-8 who is definetly in her mid-thirties, short and dark who used to drive me crazy, when ever I saw her dancing I’d get this silly, ridiculous smile on my face and I’d do my best not to look at her for longer than 3 seconds so as not to freak her out (imagine this drunk guy smiling at you for no apparent reason and smiling as if there’s no tomorrow) and the way she dances is just like that, like there is no tomorrow.

I don’t believe that crap about If someone is good at dancing then they must be good in bed, just as much as I don’t believe that people who finish their food quickly are bad in bed, cuz they’re not the type to savour/enjoy their food or cuz “they are clumsy vertically so they must be horizontally too”, I find that argument quite shallow, like saying if someone is bad at designing cars then he/she must be bad at designing clothes.


Back to the woman at after 8 and dancing and what it does to people, i don’t know why I like looking at people dancing, I am a bad dancer myself, mediocre at best, but it’s not like I find all dancing erotic, sometimes its innocent, sometimes you appreciate the fun someone’s having through dancing, sometimes it’s the chemistry between the dancing partners and sometimes it’s the beauty of the human body moving in such ways that I thought were impossible

I believe watching someone dance is one of the ways to understand a lot about them at that particular state, that is if they are good at expressing themselves through their body, or actually good at not letting their insecurities stop them from expressing it, I mean in my case I’m usually a much better dancer just by having a few drinks, I usually only feel like dancing when I’ve had a few drinks

They say the grass is greener on the other side (tristian prettyman sings alongside bushwalla)

Dancing couples. I was once dumped because I couldn’t dance, seems like quite a shallow reason to dump someone that you connect with better than anyone else you’ve ever met ( I guess she might have had other reasons that she thought were too ugly to mention)

Who do you think has got it worse, the partner who likes to dance but can’t do so with his/her loved one or the one who knows his/her partner likes doing something that they can’t do for them?

“Put your hands to my hands, put you knees to my knees
Put your eyes to my eyes, come one baybe compliment me

Cuz I don’t think that we
Should ever feel the need to worry
Ever get ourselves in a hurry
You know I love you, you know you love me”

This tristian chick sure knows how to sing, easy on the eyes too, you know when I first read the name I thought it was a guy (tristian from the interview with the vampire series by anne rice) (brad pitt’s character for those who didn’t read the book but saw the movie)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What are men Good For??

I was talking with a friend of mine over the mobile, i needed to end the call to get back to work

she is the kind of person who chooses to believe in the inherit goodness of people, borderline naive (and she has a quite innocent voice)

so that's why the ending was unexpected

the following conversation ensued

Me: you know they say Men shouldn't talk too much on the mobile (Actually I did read it in the paper that talking on the cell lowers fertility/virility)
Her: Why?? (suspicious tone)
Me: they say it's not good for you
Her: good for me? or good for you?
Me: well... actually it will affect both men and women
Her: how??

i don't want to shock her with talk about erections and virility so....

Me: they say it affects one of the functions of men
Her: what function?
Me: the primary/main role for men
Her: the primary function of men is to make money


[ am i the only one to find that reply hilarious???]

Not to mention that it is quite true :)