Monday, July 24, 2006

talk about H

this is addressed to (H)

you were nothing except something to come back to maadi to instead of going home

i'm sorry it didn't work out between us, actually i think you are more sorry than i am

getting engaged without letting me know was low, what's lower is that even after 8 months u still haven't bothered to call.

so i just wanted to tell u, there was NO chemistry, there were NO feelings, i was onto you from day 1

what kind of person falls for someone in 5 days? that was too fast for me to believe honey

so if u ever read this, know this, i am talking about you (H)

p.s you should do something about those eyebrows girl, i'm fine with thicker brows but the rule is they can't be thicker than mine


raghoooda said...

hahhahahah Kareemy,that's always how it feels afterawhile,if it's true aslan,why you spent all that time thinkin you like/love H?
in the situation,we always feel that's genuine but after sometime,may be after we hook up withsomeone else,we tend to see the ex in a total different -negative-way ,sameway you talk here.Where was that wisdom & insight at the time u were together ?hmmm,But again I know what you say,coz it's my way after i lose interest in someone,but not that so much depsise & attack ;)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i never thought i liked/loved (H) ya raghda

she doesn't qualify to be an EX at all and she definately wasn't genuine (plus makontesh bastaraya7laha at all)

read the second and third lines (she was only better than going home alone) ya3ni basically we were using each other for comfort, AND she wasn't very good at comforting too :)

raghoooda said...

so from the start you knew u didnt like/love her,,well i didnt get that actually,i thought you'd illusion that you do oneday & later on you foun dout you don't,but seems from the start both of you had a goal from that relation totally different from love thing,for you at least was somethg to do than going home :)
i always love when one knows what he wants out of a relation & why he wants it,even if it's not a decent thing,at least ,no illusion or deception there.i always like when both partners know why they've that relation & agree on it,even if it's for sex or money,at least no one deceives the other,it's a deal,take it or leave it sa7 ya Kareemy!!!