Thursday, October 11, 2007

I can't take this shit

It's killing me to hear her like that, to know that she's in a ridiculous amount of pain and that her son of a goddamned cockguzzling bitch father is not doing anything about it.

not to mention that he's supposedly a doctor, and a good reputable one. How can that sorry pathetic excuse for a father be like that? how can he know that his daughter, who just went into back surgery less than two months ago is in severe pain and not do anything about it?

I feel helpless, i don't know how to handle this, i blame her for being that helpless, i blame her for letting her case deteriorate to that extent, i blame her for being afraid of hospital and doctors in general, not that she has had a good example at home, i blame her for not trying to get help directly from his friends or from her other family members, her aunt, her grandmother, anyone, and i blame her for not yelling/crying loud enough for her worse than deaf piece-of-shit Dad to hear.

i don't care if he has "problems", even if he's going bankrupt, even if she used to cry wolf as a kid, even if he walked in on his two sons fucking, no human being is that selfish, i hope he suffers, i hope he experiences her pain AND her helplessness, i hope he DOES walk in on his two sons blowing each other

i HATE that man more than i have hated anyone else in my life so far, i hope he does have even more "problems" than he has now , i want to see him suffer even more than he is allegedly suffering now, i want to see him writhing in pain, both physical and emotional pain