Friday, February 16, 2007

Tagged Again

Tagged by 2 of my favorite girls Raghoooda and LoLo to do the "things you don't know about me" Tag

Ooooooh and Walaa tagged me before them bardo

update: LouLou Bardo Tagged me

Not a lot about me that people don't know but I’ll try

Here goes... my dignity

- I had asthma as a kid but you can't tell now, and definitely not by the way I smoke
-as a result I wasn't allowed to play an sports as a kid (the doctors restricted me from doing it)

- I studied to be a Danseur as a kid for about 2 months (that's a male ballet dancer for you simpler lot)
- The longest time I’ve spent going to the gym in a row was 3 weeks, 4 times a week

- I once kept checking that I set the alarm clock on the right time for 12 full minutes
- And I almost always have to re-check that the car doors are locked (even my friend's cars)
- and it doesn't help that the 2 times I forgot to do so I came back and found that I left the windows rolled down as well

- I can barely stand to listen to one song from the beginning to the end; I usually skip to the next song after a minute and a half

- Although I was at some point 45 kgs overweight (100 pounds) I was still quite flexible (I could and still can bring my foot above my head, not quite over it just barely on top of my head but still impressive in my book)

- I have extra sensitive skin (for the lack of a better word) which can be quite bothersome but comes in handy at some other times

- I adore girls with thin lips; I prefer thin lips to the fuller kind (unlike most men)
- I prefer fuller women to thinner ones (ya3ni 5 kilos overweight is better than 5 kilos underweight, 10 kgs overweight better than 10 kgs underweight and 20 kilos overweight better than dead)

- I can't whistle
-and I can't make bubbles with bubble gum (not once in my life was I able to make one)
- Until I was in high school I didn't know how to snap/click my fingers (I suddenly woke up and could)

- My confidence/self esteem level changes from 1-10 almost every other day

- I have a certain inclination to dislike exceptionally good looking people until they prove themselves worthy
- Naturally I’m not rather fond of extra-skinny people who eat more than I do (they make me feel like i got the shitty end of the stick)

speaking of which.... Why Is There Shit On Either Ends Of The Stick In The First Place???????? (i don't think i reeeeaaaally want to know though)

Now who do I tag??? It seems like everyone else has done this one



still breathing said...

can't make bubbles with bubble gum??

OMG!!! enta faytak kteeeeeer

lol... akeed la2..but mentioning it gives the impression that u wanna learn to do it..its as easy as rolling ur tongue (u can do that, right?), what happened? why didn't u become a danseur??

SaRaH said...

ballet.. that is weird and i do not know why.. and you are way on the other end with what guys prefer I could not understand why guy's prefer fulier lips though..
*Tow thumbs up* Pretty entertaining post..

Alluring said...

A danseur!
Good that you didn't persue it, even though i like watching the dances, danseurs should wear something less revealing, and shouldn't dance lead, coz ballet dancing is only for women, of course that is my opinion :)

And normal men prefer fuller women, men who prefer skinny women lack a lot in the bedroom, so congratulations!

Mystery said...

LOL @ alluring. Yeah I totally agree they lack a lot.

Anyway, yay! I'm tagged. I think Raghoooda tagged me with that one before but I never had time to do it. I'll go do it now. Thanks for the tag Kareem. And by the way those are some amazing facts about you :D

And fuller women win :P

raghoooda said...

strange to know u can't listen to a whole song especially ur known to be a musical reference.
congrats on adoring thin lips,ur unique in this,quality Not quantity matters ;)
y u guys are against thin women:(, i don't like bedroom-related hypotheses. Based on urs, Angelina Julie must have been terrible in bed & Laila Elwy is irresistable, come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

ka3'eem said...

hi pal, i was just readin ur funny party- piece , glad i was mentioned, ur analysis is fair, however son as i always say , dun ever hit on party girls with lines, use the bluetooth.

the cramp twins said...

ballet?? hahah is that why you're so flexible?
I've had problems with whisteling... now i can whistle :p practice practice
you cracked me up with 20 kilos overweight better than dead hahah :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

Walaa: lol @ Faytak keteer (that's my line)
why didn't i become a danseur??? i don't remember to be honest, i don't even remember why i joined in the first place (i was about 7 at the time)

SaRaH: i know why guys prefer fuller lips (don't ask) yet i'm not very fond of that particular reason aslan

LoLo: ballet dancing is only for women... as opposed to belly dancing?? cuz you seem to be quite fond of male belly dancers :p
Isn't that comment a little bit gender biased (not that i mind) isn't the feminist argument that females can do anything that males can do equally?? or does it only work one way?? :) i say more male ballerinas for everyone (who watches ballet anyway?)

LoLo & Mystery: yeah they are missing out on a lot.... about 20 pounds minimum :)

Mystery: Glad you liked the facts, i thought yours were amazing as well

Raghooody: they way you said angelina jolie must have been terrible in bed made it sound like i would know masalan.... i hate to dissapoint but yes she was terrible :)
BTW you sound like a skinny girl with thin lips :p

Ka3'eem: WOAW Man where have you been? and what happened to the blog? and what is this forum? i liked the old layout more.... and who exactly are you calling son? :) bluetooth would work if it was a gulf bloggers party :p
welcome back man.

Luci: i gave up on the whistling bit a long time ago.. a real long time ago :)
Flexibility is relative i guess, i'd don't think i'm flexible enough :)

raghoooda said...

kareem, so i guessed right abut my assumption of you with Angelina :P
"you sound like a skinny girl with thin lips :p"
yeah , proud to meet half of ur criteria, & all of attarctive other guys.lucky me :P

KareemFromEgypt said...

all of attractive guys??

guys prefer fuller lips 3ala ma 2azon ya3ni

unless someone's married boss likes thin lips too :)

raghoooda said...

grrrrrrrrr, inta ely gibto lenafsak ya kareemy :P

Sou said...

"- Until I was in high school I didn't know how to snap/click my fingers (I suddenly woke up and could)"

The bit in brackets actually made me laugh :) :) Who knows, maybe one day you'll wake up and blow a bubble with gum, ha, eh ra2yak? ;)