Thursday, February 08, 2007

What are men Good For??

I was talking with a friend of mine over the mobile, i needed to end the call to get back to work

she is the kind of person who chooses to believe in the inherit goodness of people, borderline naive (and she has a quite innocent voice)

so that's why the ending was unexpected

the following conversation ensued

Me: you know they say Men shouldn't talk too much on the mobile (Actually I did read it in the paper that talking on the cell lowers fertility/virility)
Her: Why?? (suspicious tone)
Me: they say it's not good for you
Her: good for me? or good for you?
Me: well... actually it will affect both men and women
Her: how??

i don't want to shock her with talk about erections and virility so....

Me: they say it affects one of the functions of men
Her: what function?
Me: the primary/main role for men
Her: the primary function of men is to make money


[ am i the only one to find that reply hilarious???]

Not to mention that it is quite true :)


Maat said...

actually her answer makes perfect sense!

raghoooda said...

don't spoil the girl's inncocent yet realistic thinking. what she said is more realistic and factual than ur primary role which is not madmon :P

still breathing said...

my guess would be she's 7 years old....she can't be older...No way.

to be THAT naive is bad... tell her that men have to instincts: to fill their bellies and discharge their *insert another word for penises here*

KareemFromEgypt said...

Maat: yes it does :) glad you found the humor in it

Raghooda: EH DAH!!!! HOWA MEEN DAH ELLY MESH MADMOON, LA22AAAAAA, yanhar eswed, mesh madmoon, yanhar eswed ya gedd3an ana batshetem fel blog beta3y, dih fawda, etla3eely barra :)

Walaa: i'm not talking instincts ya man hater enty, i meant the primary role not the primary instinct, not all men think that way, some men don't like women at all, some like to be women :)

raghoooda said...

ya sid el me3alemeen: min bas yestagry yeshtemak in ur blog wala bara 7ata ;)
i didnt mean u,by "ur primary role" i meant " what u mentioned as primary role". so it's not about u, it's abt men in genral.I can afford offending all male gender rather than offending u ya sid el me3alemeen inta :)

KareemFromEgypt said...


Cup of Malice said...

Was going through the comments and had to pipe in with "Kareem, Raghood; get a room"


Bwec said...

This is women's problem and doing. Look at the big picture here. Go your own way....right???