Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The year in review

Tempted by what Raghoooda and Juka did I decided to do the same list

Best Arabic Movie: I’m not really big on Arabic movies but I liked Ouija
Best English Movie: The Holiday and Crash as far as I remember
Newcomer of the year: Sick puppies or Zuzana Smatnova (I’m not sure if they are newcomers)
Album of the Year: Justin Timberlake’s and Cheb Mami’s are playing a lot on my ipod
Most played Song: 1) Distractions by Zero 7
2) In the Waiting Line by Zero 7
3) Hallili By Cheb Mami
4) Pocestny By Zuzana Smatanova
5) Sexy by Black Eyed Peas

Best Clip: Arabic: Al Asmarani by the love of my life Maya Nasri (Ya Mozza)
English: “Here It Goes Again” By Ok Go (funny and simple)

Books Read and Loved: Haunted By Chuck palahnuik, the unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera, Zakerat al Jasad by Ahlam Mostaghnami, I’ll update with the rest as I remember them

Best Outing: Slovakia in August with Andrea, our buddies’s I and L’s place, Lucille’s, and sometimes the late nights with the guys at cilantro (it’s the only place open after 1am in Maadi, or was until recently)

Soccer Mania: I’m not really into soccer, I attended the semi final of the African cup of nations, it was awesome, and some nice ladies too

Things I had never done prior to 2006/ 2006 firsts

  • Accused of trying to hit on my best friend’s girlfriend (at the time)
  • Started a blog
  • Attended a Football Match at a stadium
  • Had lies spread about me (by those closest to me)
  • Almost died/ Had a bomb explode a couple of meters away from me
  • Had a friend get scarred for life as a result of that explosion
  • Became main suspect in a terrorist act.

  • Been interrogated by the police force (peacefully) (for about 24 hours though)
  • Had my Name Published in the First Page of El Ahram Newspaper (the most circulated newspaper in Egypt) (right below the pic of el rayes kamaan) along with yahoonews,, and Cnn
  • Was Cleared of all those accusations
  • Became the only single friend in my group (all are engaged or married)
  • Kissed a Lesbian (who was willing and Enjoyed it) (I’m guessing enjoyed it since we kissed again on several other occasions) (not a very good lesbian huh?)
  • Traveled to Slovakia
  • Kissed a Woman who was 10 years older than I was (on our first date)
  • Spent an entire night in a strange Woman’s Bed (yes she was in it at the time) (and no, I didn’t hire her)
  • Kissed 3 girls in one week, in 2 different continents (2 on the same day)
  • Inhaled Helium (that was cool)
  • Met someone online
  • Became Good Friends with that someone(s)
  • Had a Friend almost OD on me and the other one fall asleep after one of our friends engagement parties (for about half an hour I was drunk and responsible of taking care of both, before backup came)
  • Joined a Belly Dancer in her routine in London (not by Choice)
  • Became somewhat involved with a Girl 2 years my senior
  • Traveled 6 times in 8 months
  • Went to Cardiff, Wales
  • Became Good Friends with a Spanish girl (love you too Chio)
  • Dealt with 2 Japanese Women (that was fun too)
  • Read more than all I read combined in the past 3 years

    On the Political Arena: I’m not into politics awy, I do remember the Lebanon incident, saddam’s execution, the numerous protests in Egypt, The arrest of protesters including bloggers, the mention of Egypt building a nuclear Reactor, Darfur, the democrats getting majority of seats and the Voting Incidents




still breathing said...

i wanna inhale helium too!

still breathing said...

O, and i wanna hear more of the belly dancer's story ;)

raghoooda said...

cool year , i loved ur reading,travelling achievements,but honestly i disliked how Girls/relations adventures take lots of ur attention and record. how old are you?

Juka said...

Hallo K, glad we could inspire, sounds like you had an action-packed year with all this travelling and ass-hole related adventures going on. Will check out your music choices. Take care and have an even greater year.

KareemFromEgypt said...

Walaa: helium is cool, pure clean Fun

Raghoody: i'm Glad you liked something about it :) and yes girls do take a lot of my attention and i guess i had a good year, i feel like i should be offended by the how old are you question, should i? and does it matter?

Juka: thanks and enjoy the music, what genre of music are you mainly into? maybe i can suggest a band or two

raghoooda said...

was great knowing how ur year went koki, and i lik partly how u live it u know.
we don't have to agree on everything since everything is realtive.the most important is that u like what you do
u dont have to b eoffended as well.take it like " inty mnin ya amoora ?" :P

Alluring said...

Seems like it was a good year for you koko :)

Hope the years to come are better and better.

the cramp twins said...

what an exciting year... all that in one year????????? wow i wish i could do half of this in a year... expecpt the girls part... mayb if it was replaced with guys ;)

SaRaH said...

Well I liked how you did a lot of things.. I wish to do more travelling it would be great..

Juka said...

I'm mainly listening to Staind, 3 doors down, nickleback and Santana at the moment, but I'm open to ideas

Anonymous said...

I like the new template and seems your back :) good on ya.

KareemFromEgypt said...

LoLo: thanks lolo, i hope the same or better for you this coming year

Luci?/Wayne?: bear in mind that not all of what happened was by choice, still it's what you make out of it, or how you view it, as for the girls who are boys who love boys to be girls bit, i'm sure the guys wouldn't mind that one bit :)

SaraH: travelling is one of the greatest blisses in our year, i love how it affects you in postive way, good luck in the travelling aspirations.

Juka: ideas? similiar ideas? or totally different genre of music kind of ideas? you covered the better ones. Do you know Hinder for example? do you like evanescence? i am into world music more

Sam: long time no see man, i try to write when i can, i have been writting more in my little red notebook these days rather than blog, i don't get time to sit infront of the P.C.
that's the same old template, but it suits me more, i'm glad cuz you're one of the few who support it :)

Mo'men said...


honestly, the most genuine "alsh" I have experienced was in the dahab trip, even afterwords..

we katr 7'eir el 7okoma :)

mesh 7anakol ba2a fe 7'ood feteerak ?

KareemFromEgypt said...

fe3lan katar kheir el 7okooma elly wafaretlena kol elly mota3 dih

as soon as find the actual address we will definetly go there

but what do you mean "even afterwards"?

still breathing said...

i tagged u :)

Yazan said...

I've dealt with a lot of japanese women! ;)

for a terrorist, u sure have some delicate taste in music though...

KareemFromEgypt said...

well it's easier for someone who lives in Japan yazan :)

regarding the terrorist bit... you wouldn't believe how freaked out they were from my ipod ( they thought it was some remote detonater thing, and when i connected the headphones and tried to convince him that it's for songs he refused to put them in his ear, probably thought i was gonna blow out his ear drums or start a high pitched thingy that would cause him to pass out :)

that's our police for you