Thursday, January 04, 2007

On blogs

How many people do you know follow blogs?

People you might write about?

Sometimes that question comes up to mind, wouldn’t that be a bitch?

My sister found my blog a long while ago, back when I used to write regularly (I think around May), part of that was because I had pointed out some blogs that were worth checking out. (even before I started one myself) eventually she found mine, especially after I wrote about the dahab incident, all she had to do was search for dahab, kareem and arrested, and I came as one of the top matches.

Now I love my sister more than I love any other person in this world, seriously, I’m not saying that just cuz she might be reading this (I’m not sure if she still follows this blog or not), and while some might argue that the tone of this blog is a little bit shocking (to some people, my sister included) her finding out about my blog has affected my writing, ok not to a great deal but still, I usually tell my sister everything, but I leave out the graphic details and I feel the need to write about those details here (everyone loves details, me included)

I’m not saying I write my posts for her or even with her in mind as my audience but it hangs in there at the back of my mind when I do write.


raghoooda said...

it's really hard to know somep
people follow ur blog.It falls into 2 categories:
1- people you love : so while writing, u wanna impress them,u want to write what they'll like,specially if it's about them
2-people you dislike or fear sometimes" parents, ur boss, colleagues": you'll be so careful while writint in order not to spoil ur image or reveal some secrets definitely u won't like them to know about you.You'll hide many details u need to tell.
the result in both cases is adding so much pressure on u & hence a fake unreal writing
balash menha a7san :)

greyscale said...

i know how you feel...ever since my older brother saw my blog i've been worried about posting how i really feel about things...i don't know why, its not like i'm gonna post something shameful or anything... its just that i prefer being judged by someone i don't know rather than someone close to me...

i hope he didn't add my blog to his favorites at his work pc but i guess i'll never know, will i?

LouLou said...

I know what you mean. The thought that someone I know personally might one day read my blog is always in the back of mind. I haven't let it inihbit me much though. I still write what I feel like. But sometimes I go back & delete posts.:(

KareemFromEgypt said...

Raghooda: i like my Sis so she falls into the first category, but i don't try to impress her, i try not to impress anybody other than myslef when i write cuz i'm my harshest critic
so it's as u said, balash menha a7san, i'll just write what i feel.

Greyscale: welcome to my blog, your posts are not that shameful or incriminating, in fact they are of a very mild PG nature, why worry about what he thinks? it seems u write about the kind of stuff you could tell him about
as for the favourites bit, why not ask him?

LouLou: thanks for passing by, i follow your blog regularly, i rarely comment though cuz a lot of the times i have nothing to say :)

i have never deleted a post so far :) i hope i never have too cuz the asshole posts in themselves are about one tenth of my blog's content :)