Thursday, January 04, 2007

About my Favorite "2arashana"

As a result of writing about (NH) that got me thinking about what I like about another girl, the one with the three names, the one that puts a smile on my face

I like the fact that she makes me smile
I like the fact that she can be such a “2arashana”
I like the way she greets me with the mini calls in the morning so as not to bother me at work
I like hearing her voice
I like how she closes her eyes and bites her lips when I touch her
I love the way she smells
I love how her eyes widen when she smiles about a compliment I gave her

I don’t like how she makes me feel like I’m her boyfriend when I’m not and can’t/shouldn’t be


Anonymous said...

so why touch her?

Nora said...

Hey beautiful...
Let her know that you don't like how she makes you feel. I am sure that she will change what makes you uncomfortable. If she makes short calls to not bother you at work it seems like she tries to be considerate of what you like and dislike. If you are honest with her about it you will give her the opportunity to make things better for you. (Make sure you make it better for her also ;o))

Also.. it seems that this list has more about how she makes you feel. How she has affected you. The other list consists of more superficial characteristics about the person. So.. if you are choosing between the two than evaluate this one first... she has an impact on you.
If you are enjoying both relationships.. have fun! It seems like you're getting the best of all the worlds... (deep characteristics, superficial qualities, and a casual relationship or two... )

KareemFromEgypt said...

dear anon: i touch her because i like how she reacts and because she likes how i touch her ( was that a sarcastic comment sir/miss? )

N: hey gorgeous,
i told her what i dislike, much better, she tries

the best of both worlds? sometimes it's a strain on both, but it's all about the expression "casual", so far
and i'm not sure i want something other than casual at the moment.
we'll see