Thursday, January 04, 2007

about (NH)

(N H) asked me why I found her interesting, the truth is I think she knows, at least she has one or two clues

so… as a result I thought I’d write it down, to document how she makes me feel

but it’s only fair to write what I don’t like about her as well :p

I like the fact that she isn’t afraid to say how she feels
I like the fact that she enjoys my shameless flirting
I like the fact that she shamelessly flirts back ;)
I like how she looks at me when I get her with one of my compliments
I like how she can be one of the guys and yet remain the girl she is
I like the fact that she is two years older than me
I like the fact that she is single
I like how I can excessively compliment her body without her taking it the wrong way
I like the fact that we got to be so close in so little time
I like her because she got me to say the expression “random” a lot
I like how she kisses
I like the fact that she calls me on my bullshit

I Don’t like the fact that she calls me on ALL my bullshit attempts
I Don’t like the fact that she asks too many questions that she already knows the answer to
I don’t like the fact that she is making me write this list


still breathing said...

too many facts.

and too many posts!!!
when did u type all that???

Nora said...

What does she like about you.. and dislike?

My advice/opinion....
She probably asks questions out of a need for reassurance. See what area she needs reassurance in.. reassure her. (I do not mean lie to her. Just tell her how it is.. good or bad. But just say it). By reassuring her on your own she will not need to ask you questions. You'll answer the question before it is asked. (Win-Win Situation)
Also.. consider that maybe she does not know the answer to the questions. A lot of the time it is easy to assume that people understand us or have the same level of knowledge about something..... we do not take into consideration that sometimes people don't think like us and therefore do not understand things in the same way.

My opinion.. forced upon you.. is that being in the situation where you make lists for 2 girls can be confusing and difficult on yourself. Evaluate where you are and what you want. Be honest with you and them...
If that is what you want then cool.. but make sure that it is not a negative force in your life. I mean that if they are both casual kinds of things.. cool. Enjoy! ;o) If more feelings are involved make sure that you will not get hurt.. or them.

Finally.. you said you hate that she asks too many questions she knows the answer to.. in a different post you said that you think that people should not ask questions they do not know the answer to. So.. she is doing what you think is better.. but you still hate it....
Is there a question quota in your life we should be aware of...?

KareemFromEgypt said...

Well N...

she likes some stuff

she dislikes how erratic and weird i can act, the switch between warm and cold that can happen overnight and for no reason whatsoever

as for the list, i can make lists for 10 girls on the spot, doesn't mean a lot, not all the time does it mean a lot :)

LOL @ the question Quota

KareemFromEgypt said...

still breathing: i typed that in about 5 hours over 2 days, not usually an easy feat but i had the time and the nagging thoughts

Nora said...

Sorry beautiful about the misunderstanding. I don't know where I got the idea that both of these lists meant something to you...

KareemFromEgypt said...

well, just because i can write more lists doesn't mean i will bother to do so

these lists do mean something because they are the only 2 worth writing at the moment

so yes they do mean something :)