Thursday, January 04, 2007

only ask questions that you know the answer to

"Lie to a girl, make her feel special"

The weird things is I’ve been told throughout my entire life that you should not lie to a girl, and I agree

Last Saturday night we were kissing, we kissed till the sun came out, then we kissed some more.

She asked me when was the last time I kissed a girl and I told her last Monday, she wasn’t really fond of that.

I always say never ask a question you don’t know the answer to (I’m talking about personal questions here), now someone might ask, why would you ask a question if you already know the answer to it?

Good question.

But that’s not exactly what I meant, I mean only ask a question that you think you know where the answer might be, for example: ask him if he thinks you are fat (cuz he will most definitely say no) however don’t ask him if he thinks your nose is too big (cuz he might say yes) and so on.

Now moving back to meeeee

I don’t know if that was the answer she expected or what answer she expected, but I didn’t want to weasel out on her, I thought I should answer that question.

The night was still saved afterwards, my answer didn’t absolutely butcher the moment as I thought it might, she did tell me “lie to a girl, make her feel special”
I guess if I say that she is special a lot of people won’t believe me, but she is

I’m not saying I never lied to a girl in one of those moments, but somehow I thought she would be able to handle the “last Monday” answer



still breathing said...

Sometimes i feel u only become attractive when u don't want it.

raghoooda said...

ne3mel eih ba2a !! it's his natural charm he can't help.

KareemFromEgypt said...

Still Breathing: that's probably true, but in my case i never said i didn't want it ;)

Raghooda: thanks for the natural charm bit, hehe, i'm flattered