Thursday, January 04, 2007

Why my women freak out/ why I have relationship problems

It’s partially due to the fact that I can be extra romantic/ gentle to the point of freaking them out, but then I can be too detached a few days later on

Now the reason I do this is because I’m afraid a girl will get too attached or invest a lot emotionally in me, and while that might be good in some cases yet it’s not what I want now.

You see, I traveled to Alex. last Monday, to clear my mind, to use that time to self reflect.

It helped a lot, I broke free of what was bothering me, I wrote a lot, I finally took a look at the story I was writing (i had been ignoring it for the past 6 months) I feel a lot better and I love the sea, Alex. in winter is a special place, it helped that I was relatively alone in that place, and that I didn’t answer my mobile phone.

Part of the things I realized is my need for a casual relationship, something to help me remember the good parts about being in a relationship and not the ugly parts and the fights.

I am going through a good patch in my life, while everyone around me seems to be in some form of trouble. For example: the former asshole, but that’s a different post altogether

And it’s only during these times that I start to worry about the future.


Nora said...

I think you should stop worrying about the future so much...
Just be honest and fair to yourself and others...
Do what makes you happy....
And enjoy the moments...
The future will come no matter what... whether you worry about it or not.
So.. stop worrying and enjoy the present. You'll have time to deal with the future later.

KareemFromEgypt said...

so what you're saying is enjoy my life in spite of the sometimes associated guilt?

Nora said...

Somehow yes and somehow no.
Guilt is a feeling you get when you feel you are responsible for something that happens.
I think that if you are honest and direct about things then you will not be responsible for what happens to others.
Hypothetically speaking... Let's say I like you, and you like me too..
In the beginning you warn me that you can be romantic and distant and all that.... And I choose to continue being in this thing we have going on.
So.. if you are romantic and distant and I get hurt.. are you responsible?
No, because I made the choice to participate. I knew what might happen and I chose. I am the one who is responsible.
Kareem.. All I am saying is that in life, you get what you deserve. If you deserve to feel guilty you will feel it. Why will you make yourself feel guilty when you don't deserve to?
Just try to enjoy the good moments as they happen..
Worry about yourself...and let other people worry about themselves.
(Sorry for the long comment beautiful!...)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i like the hypothetical situation :)

i always tend to hypothetically like older girls too

hold on....

eh dah i thought you were a totally different N. not that i mind this hypthetical situation at all ;) it's the "beautiful" bit that gave it away

anyway... i think i get what you mean babe, thanks for the advice.
you're the best (probably) :p

Nora said...

Hypothetical situations are the best...
It seems that you hypothetically like a lot of people...
I do think you're beautiful... not the only beautiful in my life.. but still beautiful ;o)
Glad you got what I mean.. You're welcome for the advice
Probably is good... working on definately ;oP