Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Tender Trap

Whether it's by amplifying the truth/reality

Whether it's by accepting stuff that you wouldn't normally put up with

whether it's putting a special ringtone for them or going out of your way to please them

we all fall for that trap at somepoint in our lives

Should i remain the only sane one out of the bunch? or should i wise up and join the crowd?

why do we pretend that being on our own isn't getting to us? IS IT? Sometimes it does.

Am i really that sane? Rather than a commitment phobe / ingrateful prick? someone with issues, some serious baggage? i don't feel like i have baggage, not very heavy ones at least.

whether it's making a fool of yourself infront of a total stranger, or worse (a close friend)

whether it's a girl groping another girl at a party

whether it's proposing to your ex g.f 3 months or so after your current love turned down your marriage proposal

wether it's willing yourself to marry a guy you barely know, who lives in Japan, and who won't even be there during your marriage cuz he can't take time off

Holding out for a hero? more like holding out till the next person shows up.