Thursday, October 05, 2006

i need a break...uh

-no more blog for a short undecided while
-ramadan and work and ramadan working hours and everything
-i'm travelling to dubai for less than a week starting next sunday
-then travelling again to france and belgium before the end of ramadan ( i hate business trips in ramadan)

i hate not having me time, anyway enough with the bitching

"i'll be back"



Alluring said...

Don't be late kareem and have a great trip, you'll be missed!

raghoooda said...

ma3 el salama,,have a good night sleep :) at least i hope :P

Anonymous said...

I guess a lot of people are taking some time off blogging. Good for you. You need to some privy time and forget about this for a bit.

The Humanity Critic said...

Have a god trip..

SaRaH said...

Well think of it as a change and chance so we can miss you..
Yalla take care and be back soon..
God I hate that punch line

still breathing said...

enuf break :(


the cramp twins said...

I lovee ur blog and love the way you write
.. btw it's wayne who posted all these comments if you visit our blog u'll understand