Saturday, July 14, 2007


I wrote this sometime in late May

but first, i'd like to appologize for the delayed absence for those who cared enough to ask, and also appologize for not replying to their comments

so this is what i wrote back in may

Shokeir told me there must be something that’s worth writing about for you, something that grabs your attention enough for you to contemplate and come up with a conclusion about or at least an opinion (that was his answer when i told him i haven't been inspired lately)

The weird thing is that I don’t, and haven’t had in over a month now

For over 2 years now I’ve had a very successful spell of being sharp and observant, mainly about relationships cuz I’m not one to talk about politics and in a way I think everything else has a way of taking care of itself (work, family and friends)

Yet the main challenge that so many twenty-somethings fail to complete successfully is finding ourselves a partner (that’s what I honestly believe, or else I wouldn’t be over thinking it) (I like to consider myself a smart person)

So being it that I was single for over 2 years. That left me with analyzing everyone around me, no one was safe, not my parents, not my friends, not my clients and it was cool at first, predicting when this couple was going to split or why that couple did. It reached a point when I crossed over to analyzing friendships and their dynamics and in a sense I still do.

Now this long introduction / self analysis happened in my head yesterday after I read shokeir’s message.


The reason I haven’t been blogging lately, not even checking other blogs (other than being busy) is that I’m now in a relationship.

Who would have thought I would not remain bitter. Bitter, truthful, kareemfromegypt is now in a relationship and happy and content with it, is accepting the stuff he wouldn’t have been accepting under any other situation, finding them perfectly normal, not only that but actually enjoying them

Now Ain’t THAT strange?

This reminds me of the Gym Class Heroes Cover of “take a look at my girlfriend” especially the bit,

“It’s been some time since we last spoke
and this is gonna sound like a bad joke,
but momma I fell in love again,
it’s safe to say I have a new girlfriend”

“And I know it sound so old,
but cupid got me in a chokehold,
and I’m afraid I might give in,
towel’s on the mat, my white flag is wavin’

Okay so writing this post less than 2 months after I wrote about love being the Tender trap makes me feel weird, completely shatters my credibility, destroys the way I view myself :)

But maybe, just maybe, this might be the time, time for me to actually meet someone who not only makes me happy (that wasn’t the issue but eliminates the “what ifs” and “maybes”.

And although I still have a lot to know / learn yet I just wanted to state this…

I love you Mrs. Banana :)

P.s For anyone who feels like vomiting after reading this post, I left several buckets alongside the tissues by the exit :)


Anonymous said...

congrats... actually getting into a relationship right after that post of urs "the tender trap" makes more sense than u would think ;)

" For anyone who feels like vomiting after reading this post, I left several buckets alongside the tissues by the exit :)".. LOL

Nora said...

Love is a great feeling! I hope you stay feeling it!! ;o)
Welcome back!!
Missed you and your posts!!!

N said...


Nora said...

But wait....
Does this mean no more BITTER BLOG???

Pazuzu said...

A3333 that's cute! Ok love sucks and everything but you did say "tender trap" didn't you?m isn't that better than "harsh freedom"? probably not so enjoy it while it lasts. But here's the plan:

Don't let Mrs Banana know about this blog, and then every once and a while inform us of all the indecent things you two do... that way your male ego would be satisfied and our lonely existence would be more tolerable!

Ok seriously, don't do that, just don't be a stranger, say anything. The bitter blog must survive!

SaRaH said...

Great post as always and nice to see you are back
Take it nice and slow and isa it will work out
Keep us updated please and mat3'ebsh keda

the lonely twin said...

welcome back :D
good to know that you're finally not bitter anymore...
so are you still gonna blog?

Juka said...

Welcome back. Had given up on a comeback (judging by Fahad's enthusiastic blogging).

Sagacious Sara said...

Awww... that's so cute! I'm happy for ya! That banana lady must be real lucky. Congrats and good luck to you both!

Write again ba2a soon...

Alluring said...

Welcome back koko!
Awesome news!
Really happy for you, god luck!

KareemFromEgypt said...

Insomniac: Glad you saw the sense behind it, and glad you liked the last bit too :)

Nora: it feels good to be back, missed you too, sorry for not being there for the past while but i didn't check any blogs for about 2 months or so, not even mine
and NO! the blog will remain bitter tab3an, i'm sure being in a relationship is fertile ground for bitterness :)
but maybe i'll tone down the bitterness cuz she checks that blog often :) she's one of the few people who know me personally who check it.

N for Konafa: hehe indeed

PaZuZu: Ya ZuZu...Wa7ashteeny :)
she already knows my blog :(
i can't do that, i contemplated starting a new blog though :)

SaRaH: Thanks, i'll try not to vanish keda again

Luci: i will continue to blog, will you?
your latest posts alarmed me a bit el sara7a ya3ni

Juka: Fahad's a lame blogger, if i had administrative power over his i would have shut it down :) now all it does is expose me ( i am trying to keep an anonymous blog here )

Sagacious Sara: We're both lucky with what we have so far, oh and i did

Mama LoLo: I missed you walahi ya Madam LoLo, thanks. How's the baby thing going?

Ahmed Shokeir said...

Congrats for this special relationship, but I'm afraid that your treatment on such a relation becomes like the the way you used to deal during the past two years, the way tends to be more observent and anlayzer ...

Love relation is totaly different and need interaction

And one final thing, in love relation never ever consider yourself a smart person :)

Best of luck .. Kareem