Monday, February 04, 2008

What Women Want

Men are only after one thing”

I’ve heard that phrase so many times I’ve lost count by now, but it’s fair to say the number was in the 4 digit area, I’ve been hearing it again recently and normally I’d let it slide… after all it’s not like my fellow men have done a lot to rebut that argument… in fact, the majority of my gender’s actions confirms it, we can’t argue that men are pigs, even the most respectable male has a pig somewhere deep inside him. Or as Anis Mansour once put it “Al Gentelman, ze2b taweel el baal” and again most gentlemen won’t argue that unless there are some females present :)

However, that led me to think - which in itself is a rarity these days with the amount of work that’s been shoveled over me - that led me to think about what women want?

Throughout my past couple of relationships, and the eventual collapse, there has been one recurring theme (and no, it wasn’t about that only one thing that all men want) that theme was that I got smothered easily, or to be more biased to myself, I felt too smothered. The distance I needed, the space I needed was perhaps the only need not being catered to, and even though I can’t speak for all males I can assure you that this particular male definitely wants space, needs space.
It seems that the request of being left alone occasionally is too much to ask out of a female, perhaps I have a certain quality and/or facial feature that makes me attract the needy ones…

So I asked around, all the males I know, older men, younger ones, it seems I’m not alone out there, all agreed that women are clingy and needy, it’s just one of their major qualities, what we refer to as clingy and needy they refer to as being emotionally developed and ready to commit, it’s all a matter of wording if you ask me… the bottom line is that emotionally developed/clingy does not work with independent/emotionally crippled, they don’t compliment each other no matter how hard we try, opposites may attract but not without some consequences… or maybe we just need to try harder, but only when the goal of spending “the rest of your life” with her/him is worth all the hard work.

One person’s hard labour is another person’s heaven…

But that entire post aside I move for changing the quote at the top to “Men are only after one thing, Women are after EVERYTHING”


insomniac said...

my two cents: women think men need extra attention because when we treat them normally and provide them with space, they get insecure and keep asking why we don't pay as much attention as we should!!

it sounds general i know... but personal experience makes me bitter, and this is a bitter blog

KareemFromEgypt said...

insomniac: le3elmek those guys bardo want a girl that will not give them too much attention, it's all about maintaining a balance, don't be a cold hard bitch yet don't be a door mat...

lazem tela3ebeeh 3al shanakel keda ya okhtshy

your bitterness is always welcome here

insomniac said...

lol, ur advice came tchoo latche ya 7abibtchy, kherbet aheh :)))

i knew my bitterness would be appreciated :)

have a good day!

Nora said...

Ooohhh.. can I share my bitterness too?

Anyway, I just have a question... why can men just be a bit more emotional and women just put out a bit more and all will be happy?
Why must everyone complain and make each other's lives miserable!

My new philosphy is just cry and have sex and smile!! The world will follow.. I can feel it..
I am starting a revolution!

samurai girl said...

not all women are like that...
but who am I to argue...

anyway... nora
I like your revolution
can I join :)

Nora said...

Of course you can samurai girl!!

Yay! A revolution of 2 people!!! Hmm, I think we need to recruit more people!

bb_aisha said...

I think there are clingy women, and clingy men, and women who want their space just like men.
I'd go crazy if I married a guy who calls me up all the time to find out what I'm doing, or who expects me to be there for him all the time.

I need my space too

Anonymous said...

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