Friday, March 21, 2008

Not Cool

The "Asshole" posts and all somewhat related ones as well have been removed until further notice

I'm not happy about it


Nora said...

Would I be a bitch if I called you chicken shit?


Anonymous said...

You have had them for years
no need to remove them now

or did your principles change?

haidy said...

hi Kareem

missed ure writings a lot, i'm trying to catch up what i missed but couldn't leave without asking; why removing them now: r u re-involved again with the bitch or did your principles change?
by the way i'm hanouma if u still remembers me , i'm back with my real name

KareemFromEgypt said...

Nora: no you wouldn't be... maybe misinformed :)))

Anon: my principles are the same... the blog isn't though... it's a lot less anonymous than it was originally ... not to mention that these incidents went back as far a 2005, a lot has changed since then... my purpose was never to OUT them or slander their names... it was an outlet, that outlet however is now somewhat more public than i would like it to be

P.s your tone sounds familiar.. why did you feel the need to comment anonymously? i'm sure we've dealt before on some level... am i right?

Haidy: YAAAAAAHHHH enty feinek? akeed faker hanouma :)))
you didn't miss out on a lot... i haven't been writing regularly for about a year now :(
i'm not re-involved with the bitch [i was never involved aslan to re-involve] and my principles didn't change as i was telling anonymous.. the blog did

i'm heading out to check your blog right now :)

Anonymous said...

I am sneaky like that

KareemFromEgypt said...


Sagacious Sara said...



KareemFromEgypt said...

Sara: coffee is always a pleasure
although the deletion is not that recent it's just the announcement, i deleted/hid the posts over a month ago :)

Sagacious Sara said...

LOL.. tamam.. coffee it is then! I'll call you. Soon.

IMAN said...

I like that you're writing again, even if you do it annually;)