Monday, March 12, 2007

Doctors and Work

My office is in a building that has a lot of doctors, and although the building is in a relatively upscale area of town, it seems that some of those doctors do a lot of work with unions or something.

Several times a month as i'm leaving work at night i get greated with the sight of a young mother crying somewhere between the ground and second floor and EVERY SINGLE TIME it's because she can't afford to treat or hospitalize her kid, it's not like their beggars or professionals or anything, and the sight of them with their family around them looking that helpless makes me feel like shit.

to be at that stage where you can't afford to treat your kid is depressing, and yet a the same time it's quite... ummm....



Sugar Mouse In The Rain said...

Why didn't you talk to her? maybe you can help even by listening to her.

AsrarAlbanat said...

we can't help everbody.. but maybe we should try..