Monday, March 12, 2007

My Love (Let me talk to you my love)

Oh how much i wanted you.

Oh how it killed me when you said no.

Killed me, to the extent that when you called me for the first time in 4 months,

I was willing to ditch (R) my first kiss

and we all know how important she was. How she had me fucked (from her effect on me) for about 3 years after

Now that i look back (M) on how i felt
i can't but wonder what magic you spelt.

but the magic is done babe, and so am I.

I see you now and can't help but think how weak you are, how life made you bitter.
It didn't help that your default setting was sarcastic bitch, was i gonna be the one putting up with all the insecurities? You changed though...

you see the sarcastic bitch was cute, because underneath it was a nice person, a beautiful, funny girl who wasn't afraid to sound foolish, when did all the insecurities pile up??????? we're supposed to grow more confident as we grow up,

yet with you only the sarcastic bitch grew, and the beautiful, confident part wasn't there to prserve her sanity.

AND i'm glad i missed the show.

If you are a firm believer in fate & that people will end up in the same place no matter which route/path they take then it wouldn't have made the tiniest difference if i was there.

And when i see what i wanted for myself i thank God that my dream didn't come true cuz honestly (M), I Don't want to be your hero anymore.


Ra3d said...

something i noticed, u always find out it was great & the best thing for u to break up with ur exes, never read u are longing for any of them.always there's that long sheet of torning them into pieces telling how bad it was & how misled u were.
good for ur health :)

Italiano said...

I really relate to your words, Kareem. Sometimes you just dream of that someone and pray you end up together. Things sometimes don't work out like you hoped and wished for and later you're suddenly disillusioned and realize how "illusioned" you were.

But again you still have the bittersweet memories.

Anonymous said...

i really like that "i'm better off attitude".. it feels nice, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I really know how you feel ya K. I know what it's like to be willing to sacrifice your all for someone, who you find out later, that didn't deserve half as much. I don't know why we were never friends before... Anyhow. good luck.


KareemFromEgypt said...

ra3d: would it really piss you off if i corrected your grammar honey? it's tearing them into pieces or preferably to shreds :)

Italiano: I'm glad some guy out there relates. i loved your post btw

Insomniac: long time no see, and yes it does feel nice, and it's more than attitude it's conviction

Sanonymous: i also don't know why we were never friends, different agendas i guess :) care to try again sometime this week over coffee? and i feel for you for your experience btw

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... different agendas, probably. Conflicts of interest at the time, maybe.

Coffee sounds excellent...


Ra3d said...

would it really disappoint you if i said I've lots of other important things that will piss me off should they went wrong,rather than some grammar?
so be my guest. life is learning is my motto.
ya ibn balady ;)

Fuck You Kareem said...

DOUCHEBAG!!! You must have a vagina becaue only bitches whine about life as much as you.

Go find your cock and get back in touch with it. Because you are a pussy.

KareemFromEgypt said...

i didn't know seven year olds were up at such an hour