Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Have Bird Flu

Well, at least that's what my mum thought, you gotta love moms all around the globe, the minute you get a sore throat they switch to full battle mode and announce defcon 5 around the house, alright maybe i'm giving her a hard time but that's what kids are for

of course i was okay, it was just a normal flu that i'm still fighting

on the same note i was talking to my sis and she told me that she heard that the higher immunity you have the harder time you're gonna have with the bird flu and that we should expect that most of the fatalities to be aged 20-40

that made me feel good -i have like zero immunity and subject to three or four full blown sicknesses a year that last a minimum of a week each- so now for the first time i'm thankfull for my low immunity

conclusion: Smoking a pack or two a day and skipping lot's of meals can save your life

p.s nobody likes a quitter
, thanks philip morris


ka3'eem said...

keep smoking buddy...keepb gettin sick 4 nobody likes a quitter, we alf salama

AZ said...

f trouble s what kids are for then worry s what mothers are for :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

allah yealemak and where have you been those past 5 weeks? imti7anat tebb? yalla ba2a zabatna more and more

a7lami al moba3thara is one of my favourite blogs
keep up the good work