Friday, February 03, 2006

i'm sitting in a cafe in maadi right now wondering what my first entry should be
you see i've always had stuff to talk and rant about but now that i'm at the verge of publishing it i seem to be getting a little bit of stage fright and concern about my blog deflowerring
you see, i'm not very familiar with blogs, there are a couple i like and check almost daily but that's it.
i thought i'd get you accquainted with yours truly

-the truth-
i'm your average guy next door, overweight, poor vision, low self esteem, and i like to dwell in my depression phases. Actually you'd better make that your below-average guy next door

i always wondered what most of the bloggers do for a living and how they get the time to blog

now it seems i finally got the time to do so, so here goes....

Valentine's day,

last tuesday was valentine's day, now from my previous bitter self description you can tell i am single, not because of the description itself but because of the way i view myself, a group of my friends went out for some heart-shaped sushi, and finding myself alone for the night, i started thinking and here's my view

Valentine's day sucks, i'm sure you all know that by now, i'm sure there's not one person in this world that didn't have a crappy valentine's day, regardless of wether they were involved or not, i personally was the victim of more than 4 crappy v.days in a row and now that i'm single it all became clear

it's the day that sucks not the event.

it's cosmic or something.

meaning that the problem originally resides in the date feb 14th, even before was invented the day sucked and the fact was that someone invented the whole idea of buying gifts and flowers to lessen the impact of that doomed day, and that covers at least the percentage of people who are happily involved, as for those with no one they didn't lose much as the day would have sucked either way

even if was on june 30th, feb 14th would still have sucked

and that's the truth.

p.s or half liquor half truth


The Shadow's End said...

Funny stuff, I really like this idea man. You're original. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Well Kareem, gotta tell you this is ORIGINAL...well,even if the day sucks, what's the problem in making it ya3ni!!!!:)

KareemFromEgypt said...

the shadow's end:

thanx man, you're even more original man, i LOVED your post "vaginas should be destroyed" about your g.f acting on stage in the vagina monolouges, brilliant

there's no problem in making it, as we say kayeef el khara yeshtereelo ma3la2a (he who likes to eat shit, buys a spoon for it) or something
and there's no denying that the day makes a lot of people feel great, that's the whole purpose of it, but it hasn't made me feel good, ever!!!

Hanouma said...

hi Kareem,

i really loved your writings, i'm starting to read it all but this one about Valentine's day is great, it has a very interesting point of view and you know something in my 36 years my good v.days counts on one hand. do u believe it?

i'll keep readin on ure posts but the problem is the black template kills my eyes but i think ure writings worth suffering.

KareemFromEgypt said...

i definetly believe so, my good v days still stand at the zero point till now, in fact i have had a terrible streak during my college years of horrible v.days. i think i will blog about them sometime soon

thanx for your feedback hanouma

still breathing said...

well well well... that's what no1 has ever felt free to admit!!!

guess what? i was born on the 14th of Feb and i don't like it just like u!!

imagine being born on that horrible day!! imagine not getting any presents...y3ni dool 2 occassions ento betsthbelo?? lol..7aga kda..

u don't believe me? i'll show u my birth certificate :)