Monday, February 20, 2006

This is an email a friend sent me over a year ago

i was just browsing through my inbox when i stumbled upon it i found it kinda cool, too cool not to share

he called it the diary of a mad man - chapter 2

"Yea, verily, for love is the twine that binds the world and be it also the noose that the purveyor on which will hang"

Good day to you all and allow me to felicitate and wish you the most joyous of tidings. When we last left the hero of our little docu-drama, he was reflecting on the madness of a world that speaks of the right of the individual to act with autonomy yet seemed to favor, nay, coddle those who conform to the societal norms.

The Scene opens at a delightful little bistro on a resplendent Friday morning; our Hero (Jack) is sipping a doppio espresso in the company of his charming companion (Jill).

Jill: Oh Jack, you have no idea how hard it is for a girl to move up in the world.

Jack: Are you referring to the fact that most recruitment decisions are made by male chauvinist bacon factories?

Jill: Among other things, from the word go, women are being discriminated against. When I was studying abroad, I realized that 70 per cent of all academic and 99 per cent of all sporting scholarships went to males. And if that was not bad enough, there is an ongoing stigma that the valedictorian of any graduating class must by testosterone enhanced.

Jack: Ha, Ha, I see your point. I have long wondered why it is that women are normally relegated to a miniscule portion of the job functions such as PR, Marketing and administration. The social misconceptions associating women with the roles of sex objects and nurturers must be revoked. Half the women I know could not boil water.

Jill: Exactly my point, it is nearly impossible for a female to find the right opportunity to make it in to the 'boys club', it is so frustrating to the driven, career savvy women who really want to make a difference.

Jack: All the points you have made are valid, but none is more pertinent than the expectations of our Middle Eastern society which mandate the woman to chain herself to the homestead in the interest of producing offspring.

Jill: You have hit the nail squarely on the head darling, you see where I am coming from?

Jack: My question to you is, what earth shattering goals have you set for yourself in the interest of combating the plight of womankind.

Jill: Actually, I want to be a stay at home mom.


This dialogue is based on a true conversation; the names have been changed to protect the really stupid.

all rights reserved to the author

while some people thought the mail to be too chauvinist, i on the other hand enjoyed the humor behind it and the jab at the pseudo-feminism that some people like to partake in.

conclusion: my friends are cool, hehe, there's no real conclusion this time

the truth


Cup of Malice said...

Yea, Verily,

Many a true word has been spoken upon the mind pages of cyber man.

I like this, I wrote it, and it still holds true... Althogh I would like to amend my stance a bit.

I no longer think that the issue is one of gender communication; it is much more pervasive than that. The basest of issues currently facing twenty something humanity can be summed up in 2 basic and highly ingrained dilemmas; 1. People feel this omnipotent and present urge to be loved and surronded by others needy folk; 2. Nobody wants to admit to the previous.

Vicious Cycle-ish, I know and perhaps a bit of an over simplification, but the premise is essentially solid.

12 years of school, 4 in some institute of higher learning and a couple of annums engrosed in the corporate rat race of choice 9or lack thereof)and the constant imbibe of societal, parental and individual (not to pander to the freudists to much) mistrusts have bred a generation that can be best monikered panaroid androids... A race of externally stoic and intrinsicly marshmallowy individuals.

Inhibitations have now been rechristened articles of strenght and obsessive compulsive disorders are the soup du jour (with little narcisistic garlic croutons on the side).

But I am rambling, without further ado, let us have a warm and enthusiastic reound of applause for the brave owner of this 'truthful' blog.

KareemFromEgypt said...

Now ain't that something

hands up if you didn't understand like 50% of the previous post

good work man, you never seem to dissapoint me.

special K