Friday, April 28, 2006

I was in Dahab

I’m okay now, but it took me and my friends 48 hours to get home after the explosion due to some misunderstandings, more on that to come later. I just don’t feel like writing now.

One of my friends has a scar on his nose and cheek from the third explosion and I have a very small scar on my right arm, the third is okay. We’re okay now but he needed plastic surgery.

None of us died el hamdolellah or even worse lost a limb or an eye, I just didn’t have time to check this blog or reply to any of your comments. I will later, but yesterday (Thursday) we were mainly concerned with our friend who needed the operation, and now I thought I’d let everybody (mainly Yasjess and raghood) that I’m back and okay.

I have an interesting story of what happened there, I was between the second and the third explosion, but that’s a later post, plus I promise to reply to everybody who commented on the last post of having kids, thanks everybody and take care.


Crazy Girl said...

Ma3lesh thank god your ok. I don't know why but I had a feeling you were there. Sorry you had to witness such a horrible things. Take it easy..Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Crazy Girl said...


johny bravo said...

Oh My God,,The least thing I could imagine is you being there in Dahab,May be coz I never had a person I know in any thing like that before so I couldnt imagine it can be that close. I'm sorry you got injured and bgad salamtak.Eager to hear your story about that specially you were in the scene.Still I can't grasp it all.I hope You're really Ok Ya Kareem.Hope also your friend gets better.

BP said...

Glad you are OK..Waiting for your post.

Cup of Malice said...

This is probably why I should check in with you more often. Jeez, I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes without you instigating some kind of anarchist action.
Thank god you're okay, next time pull the pin, throw and run.