Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i'm back

they say on average a blogger lasts for 9 months

i would like to welcome you to the tenth month of what used to be called the truth (now the bitter blog)

The bitterness is gone (almost) although the name is more marketable than the truth which sounds too cliche

i am glad i wrote something, now if i could work on the template that would even better

so consider this an open invitation for coming up with names for my blog

check the post below the one you are reading now for my latest blaberings

I love you too,



Alluring said...

Welcome back!
I read your last post, and boy, did egypt change since i was living there!

True i lived there when i was a 5 but still, hugging in one sleeping bag for an hour with a total stranger, does send a lot of messages even here, let alone with a couple like you described, there is something fishy there.

Give the guy the benefit of the doubt, and just tell her to be careful

Dee-Vine said...

welcome back:)
(i LOVE winter too)

Einmal said...

rji3t rji3t ... youre back you're back...

wilililili don't dump us so often

Tiny said...

"I love you too"?!?
As in "-We love you, K!!! -I love you too" What an ego?!

wb,lsp ;)

raghoooda said...

this is the last time I'll try writing this comment as i did twice b4.
every relation is genuine in itself, since the girls's motives r nt known so i cant blame or justify wht she did.I believe she has a reason for wht we see as rash, "bitchy " action.
Again, Veiled girls are neither nuns nor goddesses, they only did item of a religion they believe in but nt necessarily great in all other aspects.Just like a man who cheats on his wife doenst necessarily kills. So no need to get shocked from a veiled action & tolerate it with unveiled.
I like ur imaginative writings ya kareem & narration style.:)

KareemFromEgypt said...

LoLo: she didn't give the guy the benefit of anything, it was a one time offer

Dee: thanks, i love winter but not the past several days type, prefer a little sunshine, but i guess we can't have it all, i still love the nick name

Einmal: what happened to the serpentine penis? thanks for the wilililili, didn't know lebanese had that too :D

Tiny: i love you too tiny

Raghoody: blogger can be such an asshole sometimes, i liked your defense on the way people judge veiled girls, a very valid point. not that it matters to me anyway cuz i don't judge or treat them differently, i only treat banaat me3a2ada differently

thanks everybody

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting place you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. BTW, try to add some pics :).