Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trusstt mee mi frend (in egyptian accent)

she is one of the most interesting people i've ever met.

No matter how much i say about her, i don't think there is anything to be said that can do her justice. the fact is, that i hadn't been impressed by any girl for the past year or two, seriously. i liked some girls, i felt "something" towards other girls, but never, for about 24 months had i been truly and totally blown away by a girl the way she managed to devour all sense of inner stability in me, it lasted for 3 days then i had to travel somewhere.

I came back a long while later (in between we texted and emailed) and in one of our outings (probably the second one) she springs up some wierd confessional shit on me.

Now for some reason people trust me, they trust me with secrets that very few people other than themselves know about, the kind of secrets that include the words (molest, pills, rape, affair, Gay, Slashing wrists, going after married women and sexual needs being ignored by husband)

I understand the need to get some shit like that off their chest, and i am grateful for being blessed with the quality that makes them trust me.
My concern in this particular case is that it wasn't done in the same fashion or trend i came to expect over the years.

First of all, wether it's about pills, finding out that your sister is dating an older man/woman in some cases or trying to kill yourself, what they all boil down to essentially is the need to share that secret with someone, and has provided that for a while, but personal sharing of one of those secrets remains the most effective way to reach or get the result because telling a real person about that sort of thing switches it from a popular post with many readers to a real secret (the kind that only you and the person you are telling know about).

In that case one "real" person is better than hundreds of virtual ones.

Why? because you can talk about that problem later with that person again, if his/her sis continues to date that older person or if the need to commit suicide persists, you can talk again about it and reach a conclusion and post secret doesn't provide that.

Ok. enough sidetracking

Now why would she spring up some weird shit like that on me and then avoid me after it till this day. I mean if she doesn't want to talk about it beyond that day, fair enough, but she still has to talk about something mainstream, maintain the same level of friendship, the level that allowed her to confide in me in the 1st place.

*She ignored me altogether and cited being busy, i'm sorry but busy don't cut it at all, i know busy, I AM busy, she can't just leave this confessional shit linger as the last words we spoke. (shame she doesn't read this blog though)

So babe, i'm sorry, but i won't be your emotional kleenex/garbage disposal. This is strike one and two to me, this is your last chance.


the cramp twins said...

Luci: give her a break... i bet she feels all weird bout it. I mean, its not easy knowing dat someone knows ur secret... even if shes da 1 who told u... sometimes people get the feeling dat they want to get something out of their chest and wen they do they feel dat its no use talkin bout it again... in her case she stopped tlking to you alltogether... she feels weird bout it. I can totally relate 2 wat shes doin

Dee-Vine said...

i second luci's opinion. she probably feels awkward and doesn't know how to deal normally with you now that you know so much.

KareemFromEgypt said...

Luci: i can relate shewaya, i just don't like it and won't accept it.

we didn't have that strong bond and that's why she managed to ignore me all together without feeling guilty of using me as her emotional prostitute. she shortened the life of our possible friendship by her confession and i am annoyed by that

Dee: again i agree but i don't approve, thanks for passing by

spanish_moza said...

Kareem... If you didn't have that strong bond for such a confession, I think this might be her way to make it stronger.
You shouldn't be annoyed, just be a bit pacient and you will see.
Take care.

raghoooda said...

yes i second spnaih mozza,may be by her confession, ur bond will be stronger.
i know u don't approve being "used" for one purpose & then ignored specially u didn't ask for her secrets,But may be she needed it & ' it's ur bliss that people confide in u,give her sometimes,she doesnt feel that ease telling a person with not that strong bond her secret.this makes it harder than an intimate friend

the cramp twins said...

Luci: emotional prostitute hahaha dats soo funny

Hanouma said...

dear Kareem

women or females are unpredictable, no one but her will know why she acted this way. i think she herself doesn't know why she act that way, she felt like wanna share this then later on she blamed herself and decided to disappear.

KareemFromEgypt said...

thanks spanish moza: i am waiting and we'll see, how are you enjoying cairo?

Raghooda: we weren't that intimate, we felt like we knew each other a long time ago but in reality we didn't

Luci: where is my translation? :)

Hanouma: finally you're back :))
i guess your interpretation or analysis is the most accurate of how i feel about her, and my interpretation of her action, as usual ya hanouma ;)