Monday, September 11, 2006


we talked yesterday...
we chatted about stuff, like we've been doing for the past 3 days or so
i hope she doesn't freak out when she reads this

i found myself telling her stuff that i would easily share with my close friends
the few of them that remained
and yet i don't know her

and it's not that i said stuff i shouldn't have
or revealed a dark secret
but i was extremly at ease while doing none of the above

she doesn't know me too
the fact that we are strangers makes it so much easier to tell her everything
when we talk... it's like we've been there for a while now

so, should we remain faceless to each other
some sort of therapy? an advanced audio form of blogging?
will it last either way or fade anyway

anyway, i guess only time will tell
wish me luck oh wishing well

p.s i think i need a new mobile phone, any suggestions?


still breathing said...

why would she freak out?
girls love it when guys r at ease concerning opening up to them...

should u remain faceless? mmm if i were u, i'd not go for it...

Crazy Girl said...

if you think the chick is cool online maybe she is in the real..but than again if the person turns out to be fake..that would suck..I dont think I should be commenting in the mood I am in..its pretty negative..but yea as i was saying is go for it..

Crazy Girl said...

oh mobile..i have a nokia something something 8 something..i just like the cool themes on sis just got the new razor she is in love..good luck

KareemFromEgypt said...

still: not all girls are the same and this one hates generalizing

yasmina: she's not just cool online she's cool over the phone too, that's why i was asking about the mobile phones cuz my battery keeps running out ;)

but what's wrong with ur mood jazz? get over the negativity soon. i mean ur UNEMPLOYED and LIVING ALONE what more do you need to feel positive? parents?

still breathing said...

so, did she read that yet? if so, did she freak out?

KareemFromEgypt said...

i'm not sure if she did read it or not, i'll find out today.

i don't think she should though but we'll see

Crazy Girl said...

well did she? huh did she? huh did she?

raghoooda said...

some people here assumed she's a faceless blogger, i think nothing in ur post said so, you said " audio form of blogging" means -for me - this interaction we've as bloggers without knowing each other,she has the same but audio one.

Nothing in ur post leads to her freakin out i guess,they're sweet words about a person you come to know & you're happy about it

If i were here , i 'd be so grateful to be mentioned in that nice way instead of freaking out.Id be so touched tht someone likes knowing me & how he feels at ease with that.You know how to appreciate people Kareemy.Enjoy it as much as it lasts , no one knows till when.
ur fans here need some confirm if she freak out or no,,respond kareemy ba2a,i guess by now u should know.:)

KareemFromEgypt said...

yasmina: yes she did read it, and she did not freak out

Raghoody: good point raghoody, very good point. you're the only one to notice that i never said she was a blogger :)

raghoooda said...

e77em e77em,,ma kansh 2asdy actually :),,sometimes i use that part of my body called mind ,,rarely ya3ny ya kareemy

raghoooda said...

think of Nokia N80

Sam said...

Sorry haven't replied much lately to your blog, sometimes keeping quiet is the best answer for some of the stuff people write about.

KareemFromEgypt said...

sam: asdak eh ya mo7taram???

actually i know what u mean, right back at ya buddy, bleh

Raghooda: :p

raghoooda said...

ya3ny eih ba2a :P
3amaltelak eih ya3ny ;)

Maxxed`ouT said...

Dude online relationships is for suckers and you don't sound like one .
You need a reality check !

KareemFromEgypt said...

maxxed out, and the rest of the guys for that matter: it's not an online relationship, it's not even a friendship yet.

it's too long to explain and i don't think i want to bother explaining aslan how we met or started talking

but thanks for the vote of confidence