Tuesday, September 12, 2006

her face

i need to speak with my ex (the ex)

a lot has happened since our "unexplained" breakup

about 2 years have passed and till now we're not as friends as i'd like us to be

i'm not fishing for an explaination, i'm not eager for a quick "reminder" of the good old times, i'm not trying to get her back, i'm not trying to make her see that i'm better off without her, i'm not trying to impress her, i'm not trying to re-live old romances, i'm not trying to hook up with her hot best friend, i'm not aiming for a sympathy-make out session, i'm not trying to prove to myself that i'm over her, i'm not trying to prove to myself that i still need her, i'm not trying to get her out of my system, i'm not missing her the way a guy misses his ex, i'm not looking for a pat on the back or reassurance.

i just need a familiar face

and her face till now cries out with familiarty
her face screams with all the long moments we spent talking about nothing and everything.
her face -along with her voice- can make me forget or even get over stressful days
although she caused me stress sometimes
i still haven't found someone who made me even half as stable as she did

she shares the factual -shit happens- attitude with me like no one ever has or probably can
she shares the love of life and the acceptance of it's bitchness with me like no one else
she's the one who lives by the motto no regrets, just like me
she's so "truthful" that she'll make you cry
she's so tactful that she'll make you fall in love with her

she can be just as annoying as i can be, a little bit more

where have you been? i miss you, miss you, miss you


BaTaBeeT said...

I know how hard it must be..
ur post really touched me..
hope u will be better soon :)

nice blog.. its my first visit here

KareemFromEgypt said...

eh dah batabeet? nice surprise

dakhla bi 2eedek fadya, mafeesh 7alabessa?

bas ezay first visit dana i hang out in salamtro cafe at least twice a week, maybe it's because i stay at the quiet table at the corner and don't fight with my girlfriend.

glad u liked the blog, right back at you batootaa

still breathing said...

y do u mess up with the dates? i'm reading tomorrow's post..and tomorrow lesa magash!

y don't u give her a call and tell her those words?

La Gitana said...

when I feel like this I always hate myself for getting into relationships with them in the first place. at least we would have still been friends.

still breathing said...

talking/meeting again after a long period of being away is never awkward or hard as long as u didn't glue her ass cheeks together and wrote things on her back with nail polish as payback for ur breakup...that didn't happen, right?

Crazy Girl said...


and why are you never online anymore?

Anonymous said...

Loneliness makes us do a lot of things we might later regret. Think about why you broke up in the first place. Chances are nothing has changed since then...

N said...

You're nostalgic and a bit lonely. Try to remember why you broke up, it might help your general melancholy...

KareemFromEgypt said...

still: why do i mess up the dates of my posts? keda

La Gitana: actually we were never friends before, we started out as b/f-g/f then it turned into a friendship later

Still again: ...

Yasmina: that depends on the ex yasmina and she's not psycho type.

Anon: i don't know why we broke up, She never gave me a reason and i never was able to get over that or forgive her, i don't want her back, i want to talk with her as i appreciate her way of thinking (do i know you anon? i'm guessing ur either (B) or (N) or (R) so are you?

N: i don't know why we broke up, she never gave me a reason. she gave me a bullshit justificaion that we've lost the passion and the spark.
but i'll tell you this, even a year later there was still a spark that we both felt

raghoooda said...

im touched by that post kareemy, it's exactly what most feel when they miss their ex, it's for all those reasons you said you don't .

i know you won't meet her again coz deep inside you know nothing will be better,except reviving of things that should nt revived coz simply they'll die the next minute later.just more pain added.

miss her as much as you need it, it's ur feelings & i feel it's true that u need to live it to the fullest.

Crazy Girl said...

I agree raghooda just try not to go down the same path again..its sucks..

its yasmina i just followed your advice and decdided not to use my real name everwhare!!

N said...

Sometimes we hold on to a feeling, a nostalgic image of comfort and happiness, and that becomes a bench mark, our bench mark, and anything new is very hard to live up to that idea, i only know coz i do this all the time :)

Hold on to it but don't let it blind you that the best is most probably yet to come..

KareemFromEgypt said...

Raghoody and Crazy Girl: i never said i wanted her back, i'm not in denial, i just want the friend that i had for a year and a half, the friend who was closest because we happened to also be in love, and even if u do fall out of love it doesn't mean the characters weren't matched well

N: an optimist invented the plane, while a pessimist invented the parachute :)

i'd like a parachute whenever i'm flying, although i don't share ur optimism i still have some hope left in life surprizing us forever

N said...

The only reason i have optimism is that it has been proven to work :)
The world delivers what we think it owes us somehow... provided of course you go out and find it.

Bambouzo said...

I totally understand how you feel cause i've always felt it... Its not like you need your ex in the romantic relationship sense.. You just need the friend, her comfort, and presence... And I don't think that calling her up and asking for that is a big hassale.. As long as you're friends, and you both know that its not like you're getting back together, do your self a favor and meet her :)))))

Cleopatrina said...

vitamin B6
still works for me everytime..watch out for withdrawal symptoms.keep urself busy,ull get over the mixed up emtions, mind, body, heart conflicts

still breathing said...

2 thumbs up 4 u bambouzo!!

Alluring said...

You are in denail ya koko.
You miss her, if she was only a friend, you wouldn't have hesitated to call her, if things were like you're saying, then why think twice before calling her?

Im late in posting a reply, hopefully you did call her after all :)

raghoooda said...

dont meet her ya kareemy,thisis not a friend,it's ur ex & meeting will just heat up things all again without any gain,

it's ur decision above all

i know u dont here just talk abt meeting as much as u talk abt missing her,meeting is nt the issue here i guess.

Bambouzo said...

Thank u still breathing for backing me up... The thing is, as long as they're friends and all he wants from her is the presence of a friend.. Plus she is not the psycho type who might think he wants her back, then y not see her? If that will make him feel better and won't hurt her then he should go for it... Besides, they've developed a friendship after they broke-up so there are no worries...

Zay said...

Alluring has a very good point. If shes just a friend then calling her wouldnt be such a big deal, but it seems as though it is...hmmm

KareemFromEgypt said...

thanks everybody for ur comments.

we do talk, not regularly but we do, i want to meet her though.

i still haven't