Monday, September 18, 2006

yarab te7eb... aho enta

on my way to work this morning i was approached by a beggar kid (there's been a significant increase in them recently, maybe it's a government policy or something) and all of them automatically go for the young dude in a suit

he passed by me and turned around to follow me, saying the usual stuff (got some spare change? type sayings), what almost stopped me in my tracks was hearing him say (ya rab te7eb) which translates to i hope you fall in love

my first instinct was to go "oh yeah!!! well i hope you fall in love too!!!"

cuz when u think of it, is that really a good thing to wish upon the unsuspecting good doer?
I mean how many times have you fallen in love? and out of all those times how many times did it turn out to be "the one"? see footnote (1)

oh by the way are you still with that one? or did u do something to push him away ( i say him cuz i came to terms with the fact that all of you reading this post are female - with the exception of mando) Is he still out there searching or perhaps even enjoying life with HIS one?

The problem is we have been led to believe that there is a one out there for all of us, hollywood standards, happy endings, AND we began expecting to find them in real life, which let's face it even hollywood itself stopped doing (the breakup for example)

p.s. actually i LOVE my female readers, came to terms is an understatement. i love everything female but u probably knew that

(1) "the one" is a ficticious character blown out of proportion by different forms of media, he is sometimes reffered to as a hero in old tales (rumor has it he lived a long time ago in old syria but these rumors were never verified) in other versions of the tale he is rumored to return at the end of life on this earth.

or something


SYehia said...

Well Karim the notion of the one really hunted me for years and I just stopped thinking about it. Whenever you fall in love you feel this time it is specail and different that before but when it fail you say it was not the one.

I came to think that there is no such a thing.. It is just what we make out of our relationship and how bad we want and believe that it will work...
Good post and one more thing about the beggers may be cause it is almost Ramadan.

LOL, Cheers.

Alluring said...

When i'm stopped by one of those beggers, I answer "YES" to all they wish for me, or just say Amen or something.

Anonymous said...

you dont necessarily need to fall in love with "the one" ...

but maybe i'm not that blatantly realistic as you, i mean if someone told me "i hope you get married or engaged" i'd probably reply "aho enta" or maybe "ba3d el shar" ... but saying "ya rab te7eb" has a funny sound to it... i'd probably smile like a little kid
(but i'd still shoo the kid away... i may be a romantic fool but i'm not a TOTAL fool)

i find it quite disturbing that i'm the only regular male reader here...
are you really sure no other guys check your blog ??

PS. Egyptian beggars are the funniest ever.... the stuff they come up with... is just... :)

PPS. i'm out there enjoying life alright :P maybe not with the one, but that still doesnt mean i'm not enjoying it...

PPPS. "True Love" and "The One" are really overrated concepts...
unless we're talking about the matrix... then i totally would love to be "the one" :P

Anonymous said...

ur lucky u weren't walking with a gf.. u would have heard even more "da3awy"

still breathing said...

I used to want something as big as in the worst Hollywood movies.... look what they're doing to us, we got molested by unreal ideals and now we keep longing for something that I'm not sure that exists because we've been brainwashed by all the supermodels and romantic comedies with happy-endings.

a part of me still thinks it is possible...

"falling in love" is a good do3a2 btw.

ya rab te7eb ya kareem :P

still breathing said...

And O, don't u sometimes think that these beggars r atfal 3wageez gdn?

KareemFromEgypt said...

syehia: you are right tab3an, there is no such thing, it's all in our head

LoLo: did i tell you everybody calls me koko now? even outside this blog? thanks a lot fat madame LoLo :p

Mando: i didn't say i didn't give the kid any money :p

p.s that's right they are far more creative than your typical foreign beggar, i'm glad you are enjoying your life enjoy the ups before the downs arrive

pps. some GUYS occasionally check my blog, i can think of sam and maxxed out at the moment

pppssspspspppsss. the matrix? tell me about monica belucci ya m3alem

insomniac: it's even wierder when ur walking with ur sis cuz they automatically assume

Walaa: i don't feel they are atfal 3wageez, i don't know how you thought of that to be honest. they don't go to school and while they might regret that later i'm sure they are enjoying that fact now

"a part of me still thinks it's possible"
i killed my part a long time ago, i just want someone to have fun with, someone to hug for an hour or so without feeling like i am suffocating or feeling hot and bothered

Alluring said...

I just saw this!
Fat madame!! OMG!!!!

FYI mr. KOKO (always remember that it was ME who gave you that nick, and i can take it back any time :P)
im NOT fat, not even close to fat!
come on, haram :(

KareemFromEgypt said...

u don't remember ya LoLo???

i only said that after u got married, cuz madame LoLo doesn't have the same sound like LoLo bas.

LoLo: is fun a loving girl
Madame LoLo: is the type of ladies that "MiMi shekeeb" used to portray in old arabic movies.

i'm sure you're not fat it's the name that sounds fat :p FYI i'm fat aslan

Iman said...

I think the one is overrated too, there isnt such thing as ONE.
Its just that you meet someone and depends on the relation, you either continue or you dont. but there isnt just one person for you on earth that will make your life happier if you find him.
except for me -i will definitely make your life happier- thats a whole different issue:P