Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Hitler

i actually took this test about 3 months ago, and the result came out to be Sadaam Hussain (with the phrase "people who don't like you better like chemical weapons" written in the middle of the picture) i wasn't convinced so i decided not to post it

now 3 months have changed and i figured maybe i was biased by some unfortunate asshole-related event or something that ticked me into answering ugly answers

and you thought sadaam was bad huh?

be afraid


p.s which reminds me does anyone know the song "even hitler had a girlfriend"?? you can find it on my small lyrics blog


still breathing said...

i took that test ages ago and i re-took it now...same results!

i'm JFK
it says i like power coz it increases my sexual options, that i'm a thrill seeker by nature and i don't shy away from risky behavior.

btw, hitler is better than ghandi...so hitler had a gf, and u don't? :p

raghoooda said...

hahahhah I like Hitler & Saddam Hussin as leaders, they r nt that different by the way ya kareemy .one common thing is that both of them challenged the super power at their time,bot believed in the power & importance of their race/nation,both bear the consequences of their dare acts.Both were charismatic speakers.I love that.

HATHOR said...

Wow!! Hitler & Saddam ...You should something about it :)

I took the test twice, and my mind is similar in the first one to 'Mother Teresa' and in the second one to 'JFK'...Weird huh ?

La Gitana said...

I got Clinton, twice.

KareemFromEgypt said...

la gitana: i think i'm in love ;)

hathor: should i do something about it? i guess that means i don't take no for an answer and that if i have power i will use it, is that such a bad thing? depends on what i have on my agenda i guess.

walaa: the hitler had a GF thing was meant to be a joke, and i guess ghandi didn't have one either

Raghoody: mashy el 7al ;)

Anonymous said...

well, u encouraged me to come out of the closet.. i was a hitler too.. but now i am tempted to take the test again.. i might be saddam this time!!!

i think it has to do with wanting others to agree with me.. or else.. don't worry about the gf thing.. if i could get a husband with my "hitler" personality, anything could happen

i am off to take the test again!

the cramp twins said...

RESPECT!!! I lovee hitler i think he's reallllllly clever.