Friday, March 10, 2006

Does it matter for how long it lasts?

this question is about hugs, most people like to be hugged and hug back, including me, i sometimes ached when i spent a looooong time without a hug, dunno if there's a medical reason behind it, maybe a lack of a certain endorphin or something that hugs help produce but the bottom line is hugs are an essential part of our life

now an argument is that some people view hugs as something natural and nothing sexual about them, well it's the same as kissing or complementing someone, you can do it with your mom or dad or best friend but it won't and shouldn't last an hour, except with...

i once spent an entire hour in the embrace of a friend of mine, it was the best hug i ever had. we were both emotionally injured and we needed the comfort of each other's embrace.

we never talked about it afterwards, she just sent me a message later on my mobile saying "thanks" just a simple 6 letter word and i replied "thank you more" and that was it, best friends again. and we never repeated it since due to the fact that she started dating one of my friends. call me old fashioned but i wouldn't accept my girlfriend hugging one of my friends for an hour too.

Now i'm not saying i want to repeat it, however i do want to repeat the same feeling with someone else, not just a normal hug that you give someone you haven't seen for a while or your sister for being the best sister possible, but the kind of hug where you spend 60 minutes of carressing each other, smelling each other's necks, smelling their hair, feeling their heart beats, listening to their breath, feeling her arms crushing you trying to squeeze every drop of comfort you have, and you trying to give her every drop you have, it was very emotionally satisfying and healing.

being alone is a itch, with a B

a wise man once told me "go get laid man"
keeping my fingers crossed


Crazy Girl said...

Hmm an hour long hug? I don't remember ever hugging someone for more than a minute.

To me being alone is what you make of it. It could be a good thing as well as a bad thing. I discovered a lot about myself by being alone. I became more open I made a lot of new friends I decided to try things on my own. It's not that bad! When something is ment to be it will. Sometimes the best things come to us when were least expecting.

KareemFromEgypt said...


i think what you just described is more of growing up than being single, except the new friends part, you definetly have more time for friends when you're single. i definetly agree with when you're least expecting part infact i believe the best things ALWAYS come to us when we're not expecting at all.

Crazy Girl said...

Actually Kareem I don't think it has anything to do with growing up. From my point of view when people are in relationships including myself we tend to forget about all the things we wanted to do, we tend to do everything with our significant other and forget, this is why breakups are twice as hard as they should be because we don't know how to be on our own.

Thats just the way I see dosen't mean it's right.

I bet hugging someone for hours does rock except I'm not the touchy feely type.

Hanouma said...

hi kareem,

i spent the last hour reading your posts and i liked them( not all) but anyway i find out that u r a very romantic person but hugging a friend or someone u don't have feeling for him for an hour is too much, sometimes u need a hug from a friend but for minutes not hours.
the hour-hug is with someone u love.
any way good writing, keep on