Thursday, March 09, 2006

The first Kiss:

How we all remember it, or at least should remember it.

i stumbled across an old friend on the hi5 a couple of days ago, needless to say i added her to my msn list and we started the usual ritual of exchanging whereabouts.

this conversation reminded me of my first kiss, as my first kiss was with her best friend

Wow, this was a very long time ago yet still i remember it very well and remember the fact that i enjoyed it tremendously, and with great detail, i was never big on detail yet i remember everything about it.

i enjoyed it to the extent that three years and several girls later, i still compared each unlucky girl to that first one, even with my girlfriend of over a year whom i deeply loved at the time

until she came…. The pretty black haired, black eyed girl who kissed like there was no tomorrow, even though we weren’t dating and there were no emotions attached yet still I felt that energy of my first kiss with R. it was only a fling that lasted for 2 sessions and never went past 2nd base, but it was so charged that she's now right there on the top of the list with R

we don't talk anymore, due to several reasons that i can't explain but mainly due to the way i treated her.

what is it about us guys that would make us treat someone who's only pleased us and asked for no return like dirt? this post was supposed to be about my first kiss but somehow it turned middway to be about that girl. the beatuiful, bodacious, girl from college

i guess what i'm trying to say here is what i've never dared tell her in real life, what she never gave me a chance to say, what she never asked for, her much over due thanks.

thank you for kissing me so passionately, thank you for what helping me get over manipulative R's grip, thank you for being yourself when i was surrounded with ugly people

we don't talk anymore, we never talked much past our kiss, my real first kiss.

anyway this post is probably too boring for anyone to read, but i hope one day F gets to read it

thank you


Crazy Girl said...

awww. not boring at all, first kisses are a nice thing to remember espically if they were romantic and felt good. Me remembers mine and me wishes all my kisses were that nice. :P

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh!!! How sweet :) The first kiss is the best thing in the world... Whenever i remember it, I wish it would have lasted longer than it actually did...
But the thing is, I've been always asking myself; should I consider it the first just because it is the first, or should I consider the best kiss the first one?
Finally, I wouldn't refer to a post on "the first kiss" as boring because I consider kissing to be the most romantic thing in the world...

KareemFromEgypt said...
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KareemFromEgypt said...

it couldn't have lasted any longer anon, not in the situation we were in

i'll see what i can do about it next time ;)

I thought your first kiss WAS your best kiss anonymous *grin*

glad u liked my blog.