Tuesday, March 28, 2006

She Says...

http://forsoothsayer.blogspot.com/ wrote the following:

"much like other bloggers, I have the vanity to believe that strangers will want to read what my actual friends are not interested in hearing."

i really liked that way of putting it and moreover i'd like to thank the strangers who have so far been reading what some of my actual friends are not interested in hearing and giving me the motivation to keep on writting, thanks everybody, all 14 or so of you :)

oooh, and thank you yasmina for the link. i only wish i could pay it forward but my knowledge of html is as good as my russian

p.s the title of this post is also a song by the amazing Sarah Bettens lead singer of k's choice


Crazy Girl said...

Don't worry about it. It takes a while to learn it. I still have trouble with it!

That is true what she said. I started my blog cause my most of my friends are shallow and I spend most of my time solving their problems and they know nothing about me or whats going on. Even my best friend. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Bas bardo blogging is fun you can say whatever you want!

forsoothsayer said...

thanks guys :) i love being quoted. actually since my blog is basically funn stories, most of my friends are happy to hear those. but i hear you.

KareemFromEgypt said...

it would take a while if you had even half a clue about it (html)

yeah all my friends are self centered bastard, at least the really close ones. problem is i'm starting to become the same, even though i love solving people's problems and love it when people come to me for advice but lately i found myself doing the same, it runs in my family, but i'm paying more attention now to it so hopefully this won't happen a lot

when are you coming to cairo? good luck with everything you're about to face


i didn't mean you had boring stories, i liked your quote in the sense that i found it very true.

by the way? what does forsoothsayer stand for?

Crazy Girl said...

Thanks Kareem

I will be there this week. Im airport blogging right now!! He he I feel so cool!

forsoothsayer said...

"forsooth" is medieval english for "in truth". i am known for being very blunt. and a "soothsayer" is someone who can predict the future. i don't claim to be able to do so, in fact i condemn all kinds of witchcraft, i just thought it would be an acceptable pun.