Monday, March 20, 2006


i got my first mention in a blog today

first time for me to check her blog, first i thought i'd comment on her blog but then i decided to mention her here as well, that's the least i can do hanouma.

interesting blog, with a great emphasis on herself and her feelings, just how i like them. i still have a weakness towards blogging in arabic, still has a charm that non arabic readers are missing out on

she has misinterpreted some of my posts but in good faith nonetheless, however i still enjoyed her misinterpretation ( i usually get angry by it) but blogging takes a lot of your negative energy

i'm on my way to blog world wide fame thanx to hanouma.... better watch out sandmonkey :)


Crazy Girl said...

YAY!! Your on your way buddy!

Hanouma said...

thanx Kareem of mentioning me too, but would u explain what i misinterpretate coz my english is not as yours.

any way i'm so happy for you but u really deserve it. keep on.

KareemFromEgypt said...

well i hate the fact that my keyboard doesn't have arabic letters but let me see if i can explain better

you see hanouma, when you said that you never fell in love with your bestfriend's boyfriend or him to fall for you,
فلم أقع أبدا في غرام صديق صديقتي بعد انفصالهما ولم يحدث أن وقع صديق لصديقة لي في غرامي بعد انفصالهما

you implied that i did, which did not happen, that is why i wasn't pleased with what he said, i did not fall in love with her then and i don't love her now. so you're right with the lack of trust part because that is what drove me mad, that he doesn't trust me.

but overall as i said i still like the fact that you like my writings. it feels good that someone enjoyed them.

did it look like i love one of the two girls? i didn't think so when i was writing.

throughout my posts i haven't been talking about the same person the girl in the first kiss post is different than the one hour hug post and the one in the best friends are bad for you post

i hope this wasn't too boring and hope this helped further explain my view

keep up the good work

Hanouma said...

ضؤwell Kareem i understood very well that u didn't fall in love with ure best friend's girlfriend.
i didn't make it clear in my post but i meant that i didn't go through situations like this when my best friends doubts me or because i'm single and i'm trying to help my best friend's girl/boy friend that i must fall in love with, coz we r near and i'm single.

i was just telling that it never happends to me and i didn't mean that it happened to u but ure post opened the subject and made me think of it this way that it never happened to me and that may becoz i was fortunate or may be my mom taught me not to trust a girlfriend too much, i mean not all my close friends, i always had many but only one is the most trusted one.

i hope i made it clear and thanx for the explanation

KareemFromEgypt said...

that's perfectly clear, yalla keep on blogging and i'll be checking your blog regularly