Wednesday, March 08, 2006

what is it about blogging and bloggers block

I recently noticed that several of my favourite bloggers are offlife, and that made me wonder if that is going to be my end, don't get me wrong i think it's natural to take a break every now and then, i don't think blogging should be on a daily basis, that's if you have a life. but when a strong bloggger with a lot to say hasn't write anything since november 2005, that makes you wonder what is wrong with them, and you can't help but wonder in a self-centered way about you and why you haven't blogged anything in the last week or so, is it being too busy? or the opposite with nothing to write about?

in my case i have plenty to write about: Cheating, Divorce, best friends as i have previously mentioned, multiple marriages, dating in this awful country, breaking up, Jealousy, and some more stuff like pre-marital sex, legalizing drugs, stupid girls and stupid guys according to me, getting married when you're only 23 like some of my friends decided to, and some other random rants and bitchings

Yet i haven't blogged about all of the above save a topic or two, and i haven't worked on my novel for over 3 months now and all of the thanks is for my fu*#ing job.

i need a break. maybe a month off work

keep cool

the ever truthful kareem from egypt


Crazy Girl said...

I agree this marriage at a young age is getting crazy in Egypt. I almost did it due to a lapes in my sanity.

Taking time off of work is awesome but the best is quiting! I guess I am lucky.

Peoples lives change constantly so I guess keeping up with blogging can be hard at times.Good luck with your blogging. Me will always read!

KareemFromEgypt said...

yasmina: me will always be honoured by your reading