Monday, August 28, 2006

friends. can't live with them, can't eat them

Something is seriously wrong with the people of this country

I am in the middle of one of my most anti-social phases in my life (however, this antisocialism is only directed at my existing friends, yet i seem to be more than willing to see new people and explore new options)

Do we need friends? Like really need them

What’s the purpose of having friends in life?
- support when you're too soft to handle your own problems
- To cheer you on when you've done something good (or someone)
- Advice (if you ever listen)
- To hook you up with their single friends
- And to bitch about your emotional problems to them

Now does this mean that if one of your friends stops doing or being all of the above that you will cease being their friend? (Probably not)

Why is the main question, why do we keep them as our friends if they fail to match the criteria for friends, and why are we so unwilling to make new ones when we are satisfied with the ones we have.

I have lost more friends over the past 10 years than any other person I know, and it's not out of me being an asshole (I still keep mediocre contact with some of them and most of them still speak highly of me to others, of course there are others who don’t remember me as I am sure I forgot some of them in the following list)

In no particular order:

Ahmed E
Ahmed M
Mohamed M
Mohamed N
Ahmed A
Mohamed F
Mo C
Ahmed S
another Yasser
Mohamed T
another Sara
(the asshole)
another Mo
another Karim
another Ahmed M
(F) the second first kiss
N (my girlfriend of a year and a half)
another Sara
another Anna


another Ingy
yet another Karim

another Salma
yet another Sara
yet another Yasmeen
another Aliaa
Mai (again)
another Heba
(R) the real first kiss
about 3-4 Dinas
another Omar

And the list goes on...

And... I have no regrets at not being friends with them anymore

My point is that out of all these people, none have remained, is it just me or are your lists this long?



Alluring said...

I too have lost many friends through my life, basically due moving a lot with my parents when i was younger.

Now i have more than i can count aquaintences and only 2 best friends.

But what's with the anti social thing? are you PMS-ing ya koko? :P

KareemFromEgypt said...

wow that was fast, i just published it now, don't mind the date

meen dah elly PMS-ing ya fat madam LOLO :p

nope it's a normal, non-hormonal mood swing

although i have been feeling freaky and rowdy of late, bas bardo not PMS-ing

and moving back to your point i haven't lived anywhere else longer than 2 months

Zay said...

looool @ pmsing

I honestly dont believe in having a friend that lasts forever,mostly due to I havent had one in the year I have lived.
People come and go.
Here is one thing to think about do u think they still think about you?

La Gitana said...

tis a bit long, but not everyone is good/ interested in keeping contact. I noticed some of these people were girls you were involved with. Pfsh I never stay in contact with guys I was involved with, except maybe one.

The reason we keep friends even after they fail to meet the "friendship" criteria is because we love them. I'm the worst when it comes to keeping contact with people, but when it comes to the friends I really care about its different. I dunno I'm being anti social as well, I'm thinking it's the weather.

KareemFromEgypt said...

Zay: some of them do, some of them don't.
but what do you mean by "i haven't had one in the year i lived"

la Gitana: i have maintained good relations with ALL My exes for a couple of years afterwards, then you grow apart just like u do with normal friends, but not because we used to date, one of them is still my best friend to this day

the weather? i thought the weather only made people horny or depressed, didn't know it could do anti-social too

N said...

Isn't your list a bit to long to have made all these friends to begin with? Too many to maintain i think, if you're looking for value...

KareemFromEgypt said...

N: well this list was compiled over 10 years and naturally they weren't all there at the same time, but i see your point cuz definetly some of them pushed the others out of the friends ranks, that's just how it goes

Zay said...

I meant the time I have lived on earth :P.

still breathing said...

u mentioned 5 things u want in a friend..that doesn't sound too demanding yet 4 outta them create a helluva problems.

u know what's seriously wrong? they got used to having what they want at the time they want it. i always say ppl r not products a friend is not something u can get at a supermarket.

Q. when do u know its time to stop having sm1 as a friend? i.e what's the line once the person crosses u know u r done with him?

i've lost friends myself but my list ain't that long...i do better when i'm alone..yea, people r disposable to me.. and i expect nothing of my current friends and they kinda expect nothing in return too..still there r no guarantees that we'll stay in contact for years.

P.S. i've been trying to call u but ur mob was outta service.

Mando said...

i've been in your shoes ya kareem but i lost count a long long time ago man.
i just learned to accept this as a shitty fact of the universe that friends DO come and go (they're not really forever like we pretend they are)

i'm not exactly sure how you say you lose contanct with your friends? is it just because of the 5 factors u mentioned not being there anymore??

if thats just it then if a friend who travelled far away thus isnt here for any of the 5 things u mentioned. does that mean he isn't a friend anymore??

There's a certain attachement that you develop with a friend, even if they stopped being there, you just cant sever that bond that was there (it may weaken alot but it just doesnt go away)

but that doesn't mean that they're not a friend... just means that they're a friend "whos not there"

hmm, now that i rambled on... i think i made it look even worse ??

still breathing said...

C'mon!! tamenna ... r u okay??

Maxxed`ouT said...

I never lose friends .
Well .. they don't allow it anyway .
What can i say .. i'm a keeper !

KareemFromEgypt said...

maxxed out: i don't believe you

Maxxed`ouT said...

Ask N .. She'd tell you i'm a keeper !

Faisal said...

Never had that many friends to begin with ;)

Dispicable entities!

KareemFromEgypt said...

Mando: a friend in need is friend indeed, i don't mind people being busy, i am usually busy myself, but what i don't like is people calling me and blaming me for not being there for them or not calling them often, i mean the telephone lines they work in both ways, PICK UP A PHONE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, BITCHES!!!!! don't pretend that you care when u have done nothing to account for it

Walaa: Done khalas

Maxxed: mesh 3aref is it worth the long distance call? :) i'll take your word for it if you insist

Snefru: the Blog has lit up (el blog nawarr) i couldn't have said it better myself regarding the despicable entities

Fuckin A man

Sam said...

You had too many friends for my standards, at any one point of my life I would have about 3-4 around me, that's just how I am. I like having tight circles, at least if I do lose them I don't have to keep a long list ;)

KareemFromEgypt said...

you should diversify your portfolio to minimize risk.