Sunday, August 13, 2006


can u ever need someone?

isn't it all about want?

isn't love mainly selfish thoughts and posessiveness?

blind jealousy being commonly mistaken for love rather than the insecurity/posessiveness it is.

i hate jealousy, i am almost never jealous. i know i am not the most handsome in the room, i know i am not the funniest, i hope i am the smartest (although i accept the fact that i am not) but in the end i also know that she chose me (wether it's till death do us part or till we get home that's a different story) why she chose me is also another mystery but remain assured my poor insecure friend that at the moment she likes you and only you (or at least she likes you most)

i only remember being Jealous once!!!! and that was when my GF at the time used my best friend to make me jealous, wether it was on purpose or not in all cases it worked cuz we are complete opposites so it's not a matter of comparison anymore it was a matter of choice, it's either u like this or u like its opposite, you know

what i hated most was that she managed to make me jealous, she managed to get under my skin, she had me hooked and i don't like being dependant on someone emotionally. things went well for about a year or so then the inevitable happened and we broke up and for that year i was never jealous again

do selfish people get Jealous? since they want their lover to themselves? or is it that they are to absorbed in themselves and protecting their own feelings that they never allow themselves to become so attached to the level of jealousy?

i have noticed that i never liked any song with the lines "i need you" in them in fact i am banishing them all from my ipod, the only exception is savage garden's i want you (i don't know if i need you) because it fits perfectly with my current way of thinking and says it like it is

it's like puddle of mudd said in their song "control"

I need to feel you
You need to feel me
I can't control you
You're not the one for me, no

it's more about control, controling the other person's life, controling their love, possessing them, even controling when and how they love you, wouldn't we all want that, isn't this what the phrase right person at the wrong time is all about? being selfish lovers

it's not "i love you"
it's "i love the way you love me"


Hanouma said...

حمد الله عالسلامة يا كريم
ايه اغيب كام يوم عن البلوج الاقي غزارة في الانتاج بالشكل ده
عالعموم والله وحشتني كتاباتك وشكرا على سؤالك عليا اللي لسه اصلني من يومين.
الحمد لله انا افضل دلوقت بعد الاجازة، واضح اني كنت محتاجة لتغيير.

بص موضوع الغيرة ده موضوع مهم جدا وانا اعتقد انه مش الانانيين هم اللي بغيروا انا رايي الغيرة اصلا بتبقى للي معندهمش ثقة في نفسهم. زي مانت كتبت هي بتختارني انا رغم اني ممكن اكون مش احلى واحد ولا اظرف واحد.
المشكلة اننا بنتربي في مجتمعنا على فكرة التملك لكن لو لاحظت في المجتمعات الغربية اللي قايمة على العلاقات الحرة الغيرة اقل بكتير مننا.

يعني لو فكرت ان مفيش حاجة بتربطك مع حبيبك او بتربطه بيك غير المشاعر ورغبة كل واحد اننا نفضل سوا ده هيخليك متغيرش لأنه مهما عملت وغرت لو اللي قدامك عاوز يمشي هيمشي والعكس صحيح.

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. if he doesn't want
>you, nothing can make him stay.
الكلام ده حقيقي جدا فالغيرة يعني مش هيا هي اللي هتخليه او تخليها يفضل معاك لو اخد قراره بالانسحاب.

بس هيه الحاية دي صعبة على بعض الناس وبتحتاج لثقة في النفس وثقة في الآخر( انا عمري ما شكيت في جوزي لانني عارفة انه بيحبني وانه شخص محترم وعمره ما هيفكر في الخيانة واحنا متفقين انه لو عرف حد تاني نتطلق. ممكن موضوع الطلاق ده يبقى صعب لو فيه اولاد. مش عارفة لو حصللي هاعمل ايه بس دي النظريات أو القناعات اللي انا عايشة بيها.

وده ميمنعش ان قليل من الغيرة يبقى زي الملح والفلفل ظريف بس يعني حاجات بسيطة تندرج تحت الدلع والاهتمام بالآخر بس مش محاصرته طول الوقت.

بس عارف الخيانة بقى مع الثقة الزائدة بتبقى مشكلة وصدمة لانك لو وثقت في حبيبك واكتشفت انه بيخونك بتبقى مأساة بس ده موضوع تاني بلاش نخلط الاوراق.

KareemFromEgypt said...

el masal bey2ool 7aras wala tekhawensh ya hanouma

thanks for passing by and glad you are feeling better now

i really liked what u said next
وده ميمنعش ان قليل من الغيرة يبقى زي الملح والفلفل ظريف بس يعني حاجات بسيطة تندرج تحت الدلع والاهتمام بالآخر بس مش محاصرته طول الوقت.

7elw mawdoo3 el mal7 wel felfel dah, makes a lot of sense :)

still breathing said...

Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling means the person is emotionally insecure..y3ni the alternative is self-value.

it is a mental cancer f3ln.