Monday, August 28, 2006


"The truth is most guys cannot have fun without their fiancées (not these guys anyway) the truth is an engagement is a neutering process for the guy, plain, simple, cruel and extremely effective."


Crazy Girl said...

ko ko my sis found my blog..GRRRRR I had to take it down..Add me to your msn all my other stuff is gone for now..

still breathing said...

that's why they say: the shorter the better.

u know, that's what my sis has been complaining of recently. most of her friends r either married or on their way...and alla sudden there's no time to hang out together like they used to...and when they do, it turns out to be as boring as hell.

seems like people should stick only with others of the same marital status.

Zay said...

lool yasmin how do ur sibling find out where ur blog is? Do u leave it open?

Anyhow I agree wil still breathing, that always tend to happen.

HATHOR said...

I don't think that your theory applies only for guys, but also for girls as well.
After they're married or engaged, you'll have to accept them "as a package",i.e them + their spouses.
C'est la vie!