Saturday, August 05, 2006


as part of the festivities of the annual vacation i am going to slovakia for the next 9 days (yes i started my annual vacation)

holler at me if ur near bratislava

otherwise, i'm gonna get back to you on the 10th day
no blogging on the vacation (not like i've been doing a lot of that lately)

see u when i get back



Anonymous said...

have fun !!
hope that little time off means a nice comeback with more bloggable material :P

raghoooda said...

re7la sa3ida ya Kareemy,relax and get some good massage :)

still breathing said...

Dear Papa Bear,

Man, come back home for God's sake...your children don't even know what you look like anymore. Think of the children...Think of poor little Johnny...

and...and...I miss you. :'( I tried to make the mail man look like you but it's not working as well as I thought it would.

Much love,
Mama Bear

we are out of sugar....neighbors won't lend us any.

hehe..that was fun :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

am i the only one freaked out by this last comment??

raghoooda said...

i second you Kareemy, but i thought you've an idea wht's that about.seems not ,freaked out:)
come safe