Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i wrote this post a long time ago

this video might be old but it's a first for me

if you've ever been either a 2pac fan or a dave chappelle fan

you are welcome

and the lyrics (at least what i could figure out)

[DJ: Exclusive, this is that new 2pac!]

Listen close, as life turns its pages
Makaveli here, kickin' rhymes for the ages
Seen things in stages, wise words spoken by sages
From SkyTel to BlackBerry pages
Your crew don't phase us, we'll make you bustas pay us
Run up in your spot like CJ from San Andreas

I wrote this song a long time ago
A real long time ago
Feel me!
I wrote this song a long time ago
It was the dopest song I ever wrote... in '94

What can a ***** do, when half the people voted for George W.
It's a *****, **** George W. -- can't be true --
I wanna choke him, because he's a snitch
I'm talking about George W. Smith
From city council, he ran in '93
Out in Oakland, you probably didn't hear about him

I wrote this song a long time ago
A real long time ago
Way before Slim Shady was in demand
Way before we dropped baloney on Afghanistan
I wrote this song in '94

How am I doin' this?

Look around the club, see everyone in the place
Showing 'Pac love got a smile on my face
The girl in the miniskirt has bad taste
Because her shirt don't match
And there's a puddin' stain on the back
What the **** is that?
It might be doo-doo

And you in the back, you ain't ****
You bought a gin and tonic but you didn't even tip
And if you hit the table one more time then the record might skip-might skip...
I told you, stop hittin' the table.

Tupac Shakur,
I wrote this rhyme in 1994
I'm not alive!
Thug life!
Dave Chappelle, that ain't your wife
A married man, you've got two kids
Go home!

I wrote this song a long time ago
A real long time ago
Way before Beanie Sigel had to do a bid
Way before Dave Chappelle had two kids
dont give him no cutchie.

[DJ: 2pac, rest in peace.]

Okay, I will!

Monday, August 28, 2006


"The truth is most guys cannot have fun without their fiancées (not these guys anyway) the truth is an engagement is a neutering process for the guy, plain, simple, cruel and extremely effective."

friends. can't live with them, can't eat them

Something is seriously wrong with the people of this country

I am in the middle of one of my most anti-social phases in my life (however, this antisocialism is only directed at my existing friends, yet i seem to be more than willing to see new people and explore new options)

Do we need friends? Like really need them

What’s the purpose of having friends in life?
- support when you're too soft to handle your own problems
- To cheer you on when you've done something good (or someone)
- Advice (if you ever listen)
- To hook you up with their single friends
- And to bitch about your emotional problems to them

Now does this mean that if one of your friends stops doing or being all of the above that you will cease being their friend? (Probably not)

Why is the main question, why do we keep them as our friends if they fail to match the criteria for friends, and why are we so unwilling to make new ones when we are satisfied with the ones we have.

I have lost more friends over the past 10 years than any other person I know, and it's not out of me being an asshole (I still keep mediocre contact with some of them and most of them still speak highly of me to others, of course there are others who don’t remember me as I am sure I forgot some of them in the following list)

In no particular order:

Ahmed E
Ahmed M
Mohamed M
Mohamed N
Ahmed A
Mohamed F
Mo C
Ahmed S
another Yasser
Mohamed T
another Sara
(the asshole)
another Mo
another Karim
another Ahmed M
(F) the second first kiss
N (my girlfriend of a year and a half)
another Sara
another Anna


another Ingy
yet another Karim

another Salma
yet another Sara
yet another Yasmeen
another Aliaa
Mai (again)
another Heba
(R) the real first kiss
about 3-4 Dinas
another Omar

And the list goes on...

And... I have no regrets at not being friends with them anymore

My point is that out of all these people, none have remained, is it just me or are your lists this long?


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kabbeit kell aghradak 3al taree2

The title is taken from the song " Manni 2elak" by soap kills

Something is seriously wrong with me.

I drive alone back from mohandessin (about 30 min drive) and during the drive my thoughts drift to R who my last talk with was over a year ago and my last physical contact was 3-4 years ago, the only reason for these thoughts? A song

As much as I hate admitting it, she was one of my most influential experiences, and one of the few ones which helped shape my current character

The thing that I remembered yesterday was our late night telephone conversations, which led me to think about how we met and why we met

(R) was known for liking bad boys and I was the ultimate boy next door type, hell I was totally inexperienced when we first met, not just physically but even sociably, I had only started having female friends in high school about 2 years before I met her

Was it the fact that I was pure at the time that attracted her? Or was it that I had a few similarities with her ex of 3 years? the one she was allegedly married to in secret (3orfi marriage) As I see him today I realize that we do have some similarities when it comes to voice, posture and overall composure, not looks but the way we carry ourselves and the way we are soft-spoken.

How can you be so different from someone in life's experiences and genetics but in the end be very similar to him in your overall general air? I think I am more similar to him now than I was back then, maybe she has that effect on men.

I dunno if I want to thank (R) or if I want to shout obscenities at her, in the end it all worked out but I wonder if it would have turned out exactly the same but through some other path.

I believe you can't change who you become (or the final result) you can just change the path and subsequently the memories which you hold dearly to your heart or lock up in your Pandora’s box, it's a weird theory but I believe it holds some truth to it

p.s Slovakia was great, but that's another post altogether

Monday, August 14, 2006

get to know your blogger

the title shamelessly stolen from T.A.N

so is the rest of the post :)

1. What is your full name?
Kareem FromEgypt

2. What color pants are you wearing?
i am waering jeans shorts (light blue)

3. What are you listening to right now?
K's choice right now it's their song "believe".

4. What was the last thing you ate?
A frosties breakfast bar, they're Grrrrreat, plus i am home alone for the next 2-3 days so it's all about what's been left in the fridge.

-- #5 was actually deleted in the original e-mail, which means T.A.N's friend must have edited one of the questions out. BUSTED! --

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Darkish Blue

7. How is the weather right now?
Hot and Sunny. plus a little bit humid

8. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone?
(H) an e.x of mine to cancel breakfast plans

9. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
The Assimiliated Negro is the funniest blogger you will ever read in your life

10. How old are you today?
24 years and 1 month and 21 days

11. Favorite drink?
Water, coffee, Rauch's iced green tea with lemon

12. Favorite sport?
Basketball (both playing and watching)

13. Hair color?
Dusty (supposedly darkbrown)

14. Siblings?

15. Favorite food?
Again a tie of Lucille's cheese burger and pasta with pesto

16. What was the last movie you watched?
Superman (in theater) didn't like it that much, phantom of the opera (t.v) didn't finish it

17. Favorite day of the year?
Any day off work

18. What was your favorite toy as a child?
I don't remember

19. Summer or winter?
Winter, definetly winter, less sweating, brighter faces, even the clothing looks nicer

20. Hugs or kisses?
depends on which i had last, can i have both?

21. Chocolate or Vanilla?

22. Do you want your friends to email you back?
well it's not an email anymore so i guess it would be more appropriate to put it up on their blog

23. Who is most likely to respond?
Raghoody, Mando, Maybe Spanish Moza and Sand-e-sez

24. Who is least likely to respond?
Yasjess, Alluring, Nerro, maxxedout

25. Living arrangements?
Still living with my parents (it's frowned upon to move out in Egypt)

26. When was the last time you cried?
Last saturday in Bratislava in the arms of Andrea (we both cried, but it wasn't too theatrical, just a few sniffles and fewer tears

27. What is under your bed?
A drawer full of towels and sheets (boring, i know)

28. Who is the friend you are sending this to you have had the longest?
i guess we could say who's been following my blog the longest, that would make it Yasmina/Funky Jazz

29. What did you do last night?
PLaystation, coffee with my cousin, blogged, dinner with a friend, ooooh and i had the best chocolate souffle ever in Tabasco in Zamalek

30. Favorite smell?
i like the smell of skin, pancakes, very irresistible by Givenchy, Precious heart by Guerlain, Deep red by Hugo. and for men i like the smell of hugo energise ( i wear it almost everyday) and Givenchy blue label

31. Favorite TV show?
Scrubs, Family Guy, WWe smackdown (guilty pleasure) and the practice

32. Happy In life?

33. What are you afraid of?
being unwanted

34. Butter or salted popcorn?
Butter and Salted

35. Favorite car?
Depends on who's driving

-- Where's 36 son??? --

37. Number of keys on your key ring?
7 (car, Home, Building's key, my room, my parent's room, my drawer, and my dad's home study)

38. How many years at your current job?
3 years full time (did it part time for about a year if you add up the months)

39. Favorite day of the week?
Saturday? i think

40. What did you do on your last birthday?
now that was something that some of you wanted to know. well i went out on the night before my birthday to hang with some friends, watched a soccer match (it was the world cup) then went to After 8 ( a pub downtown) and listened to some live music/danced ( a Rai music band called Sahara, and they're quite good)
woke up next day (actual birthday day) went swimming and tanning, had lunch at sangria by the nile (beautiful place) then went for dessert with another group of friends including my current "girl on my mind" in another place, flirted, went back home, changed then went to heliopolis to hang out with my school buddies.... it was fun

41. How many cities have you lived in?
Cairo for all my life and Antwerp,Belgium for 2 months in 2004

42. Do you make friends easily?
to a certain extent, and i get rid of them easier if they cross me.

43. How many people will you be sending this to?
basically everyone who follows my blog, all 11 readers :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006


can u ever need someone?

isn't it all about want?

isn't love mainly selfish thoughts and posessiveness?

blind jealousy being commonly mistaken for love rather than the insecurity/posessiveness it is.

i hate jealousy, i am almost never jealous. i know i am not the most handsome in the room, i know i am not the funniest, i hope i am the smartest (although i accept the fact that i am not) but in the end i also know that she chose me (wether it's till death do us part or till we get home that's a different story) why she chose me is also another mystery but remain assured my poor insecure friend that at the moment she likes you and only you (or at least she likes you most)

i only remember being Jealous once!!!! and that was when my GF at the time used my best friend to make me jealous, wether it was on purpose or not in all cases it worked cuz we are complete opposites so it's not a matter of comparison anymore it was a matter of choice, it's either u like this or u like its opposite, you know

what i hated most was that she managed to make me jealous, she managed to get under my skin, she had me hooked and i don't like being dependant on someone emotionally. things went well for about a year or so then the inevitable happened and we broke up and for that year i was never jealous again

do selfish people get Jealous? since they want their lover to themselves? or is it that they are to absorbed in themselves and protecting their own feelings that they never allow themselves to become so attached to the level of jealousy?

i have noticed that i never liked any song with the lines "i need you" in them in fact i am banishing them all from my ipod, the only exception is savage garden's i want you (i don't know if i need you) because it fits perfectly with my current way of thinking and says it like it is

it's like puddle of mudd said in their song "control"

I need to feel you
You need to feel me
I can't control you
You're not the one for me, no

it's more about control, controling the other person's life, controling their love, possessing them, even controling when and how they love you, wouldn't we all want that, isn't this what the phrase right person at the wrong time is all about? being selfish lovers

it's not "i love you"
it's "i love the way you love me"

Saturday, August 05, 2006


as part of the festivities of the annual vacation i am going to slovakia for the next 9 days (yes i started my annual vacation)

holler at me if ur near bratislava

otherwise, i'm gonna get back to you on the 10th day
no blogging on the vacation (not like i've been doing a lot of that lately)

see u when i get back