Saturday, May 27, 2006

a new addition to the blogosphere

although i have a lot of negative feelings toward the expresion "blogosphere"

please join me for a warm welcome (dafy keda ma3 el ice cream el sa2e3... inside joke) to a very good friend and my best friend of ten years (A)'s sister Cleopatrina on her new blog.

after almost 2 months of trying to get her to blog she finally did

kudos a33nooor


still breathing said...

and why wasn't she convinced?
her scribbles are pretty appealing.

P.S. what's kudos a33nooor ??

still breathing said...

& hey! u can put links aho!!

Cleopatrina said...

LOOOOOL for "dafya ma3a el ice cream elsa2e3"!!
p.s. eres un encanto;)

KareemFromEgypt said...


i dunno why wasn't she convinced i guess stage fright

as for the hyper link i learned that yesterday and only in a post, still haven't learned to do it on the comments section or the side bar :(

kudos is 7aga keda zay bravo and a33noor is an insid ejoke between me and cleopatrina that's kind of hard to explain u had to be there


niente dura per sempre, or was it per verso? ;)