Saturday, May 06, 2006

A wise man once said

Well he’s not really a wise man in fact it’s my friend (M) not the (M) who was wounded in Dahab but the (M) from college (his initials are M.F) funny huh? He’s my favorite M.F

This is what he said

Fidelity is not a feeling it’s a decision

I like the way he thinks, I guess 90% of guys would agree

Hope I don’t get my ass kicked over this


Nissma Radio said...

Regarder cet Photo qui est venue direct de L´Egypt... "Pharaos" Trend ou bien Extra Terrestral? Vraiment on sait pas.

Pazuzu said...

Hey sure we can kick your ass if you want :D
but I think your friend's right, my mom said almost the same thing to me in the past, her mom said it to her like 30 years ago lol.

Bar Bar A said...

I love your blog! I am coming back for more. Thanks for stopping by mine. Your MF friend is very wise.

Crazy Girl said...

I agree!

johny bravo said...

I second your friend MF,I beleive that fidility is a decision/choice not a feeling coz feelings are subject to change while a choice you make by yourself.
I beleive that disloyalty is the feeling but fidility will be the choice you make even against ur feelings.
good post kareem

KareemFromEgypt said...

nissma radio: i might agree with what you said, too bad i always failed french, that's french right? what i got from what you said was "check out this photo something direst with egypt pharos trend or good alien? something something, Mesh fahem 7aga

pazuzu: i think i'll have to get a rain check on the ass kicking a my schedule is really busy this week

thanks bar bar a: the feeling is mutual

jazz: you usually have more to say than that.

raghood: i'm glad you got my point

now all of you have you ever been disloyal?

Hanouma said...

First Of All:

Hamdela 3ala Salamtak dear friend. secong i totally agree with this wise M and infedility too.

spanish_moza said...

I agree with that. I think fidelity actually is a decision.
The thing is that for me the point is not the decision itself but the feeling of wanting to do something that you shouldn't do, although you don't finally get to do it.
I don't know if I'm explaining...
If you don't cheat but you think of somebody else you're not being exactly loyal to your partner... don't you think???.

Alluring said...

I disagree, its both, a feeling and a decision.

You should have this feeling deep down that stops you from betraying your partner, and THEN the decision is made to persue that feeling.

KareemFromEgypt said...

spanish moza: what you're saying is a little bit too good to be true

loyalty is in your actions, not in how you think, you can't blame someone for a thought that they didn't act upon, meaning that if someone thinks of robbing a bank but doesn't then he shouldn't go to jail for it, also a big difference between seeking love outside a relationship and seeking sexual or physical gratification, we all get these kind of thoughts every now and then, doesn't mean you're a bad person or that what you have with your partner is not worth holding on to

alluring: i think you should do the right thing no matter how you feel about it, and most of the problems or lack of them comes from the decision rather than the feeling

Anonymous said...

luv ur blog not easily impressed neither am i good at complementing ppl when i am..but ur ideas go str8 to the core..thanks a mil 4 sharin em.ur MF friend is wise no doubt, he just didnt mention the fact that for a decision to be urs u have to feel it..with every ounce of ur being..or else ud just be doing the right thing according to the norms.that makes fidelity a decision AND a feeling for it to be genuine.otherwise ud just be doin the right thing till u yield to temptation and battle the good and evil within u and ur surroundings to stand up for ur decision.
almost forgot
hamdellah 3la salamtak

Alluring said...

The way you totally seperate feelings from "actions" is incomprehensible to me really.

We all know whats right and whats wrong and because we feel that doing the wrong, is wrong, we dont, sometimes of course, most of us do the wrong out of curiosity, which is also a feeling.

Its inseperable ya koko :D

KareemFromEgypt said...

Anonymous: you said "he just didnt mention the fact that for a decision to be urs u have to feel it..with every ounce of ur being..or else ud just be doing the right thing according to the norms"

well said

alluring: eh ya koko dih? are you trying to be Insultful/Insultive

again, one could remain faithful for different reasons, the end result is that he's faithful, meaning that the repercussions that would arise from one of the parties involved cheating on the other would simply not happen, that's why i chose to seperate the feelings and the actions, because it all boils down to what will happen or how do "we" deal with this and wether a relationship can be saved after an ugly thing such as infidelity occurs

and it's not just me that seperates feelings from actions, it's the majority of males ya lulu :D

Alluring said...

Oh no! i never meant to be insultful nor insultive!
are you working me up again?

god, why do peo[ple ALWAYS do that to me! eh dah :( snot fair :((

well, i like the lulu though..hehe

Yeah i know that the majority of the male species do that, im trying to make my faince understand that to no avail, oh well, i wont question the creations of god :P

And to Anonymous, finally someone on the same wavelenght, well said.

KareemFromEgypt said...

better not question them fe3lan

it's no use, women should understand that guys are basically both too simple and too complex at the same time. it's just a different language, a simple language but a language that most women haven't learned, and same could be said about women, i can't count how many times i heard guys complain that their girls or ladies are stupid and simple but at the same time find her to be too smart and devious. it's confusing and i start to forget which are we? the superior gender or the weaker one?

i always thought that there was never a superior gender, just a superior person. therefore that assupmtion is both extremely stupid and dangerous to the person assuming. but i guess this has been gone over a million times before and i am wasting your time

well i didn't know what's short for alluring so i guess lulu will have to do, glad you liked it

you did mention in your blog that you bite, so that's why i thought i'd work you up, hehe sorry bout that but i can't resist to work someone up (who claimes that she bites) in the safety of my office sheltered behind my computer, no hard feelings

Sarah said...

Well the answer to your question you will find it in my real blog

See you there..

johny bravo said...

wooow,the toipc moved far behind its main theme.from the fedility issue to how men think differently than women.I guess Kareem you should post somethg seperately on that are interested here:)
have fun & smile"i'm always advised to"

KareemFromEgypt said...

well raghood i think the topic has been covered a million times before, i might however post an incident that happened with my ex that further clarifies the differences between guys and girls but that's for later

johny bravo said...


Cup of Malice said...

In the entire animal kingdom (or so I recall), Only ducks are genetically monogomous. Ducks are stupid. 'Nuff siad

KareemFromEgypt said...


N said...

I can't help but agree with what your friend said. The urge to cheat could happen even if you are in love and committed, and it isn't just males by the way :s

Lulu, if i understood correctly you say you you should have a feeling that should stop you from hurting and betraying your partner... i think the decision is that that feeling should be stronger than the urge to cheat, bas not getting the urge ever...was3a shwaya :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i couldn't have said it better N, and it's refreshing to hear a girl confessing to such feelings/urges cuz i'm sick of the whole we're different/men are pigs arguments.

thanks for passing by, your blog is cool, and i see ur enjoying a period of frequent blogging, enjoy it while it lasts :)