Saturday, May 27, 2006

which annoys me more

i have another question for you

what bothers you more?

the fifteen posts a day blogger or the haven't posted anything since january blogger?

i dislike both actually, hehe


still breathing said...

the (haven't posted anything since Jan) bothers me more.....if the person who's made the blog in the 1st place doesn't give a damn shit about it, then why should i?
i normally stop checking it.

johny bravo said...

both are irritating,but the rare blogger is worse coz it's pessing off to keep visiting someone everyday hoping he has any new & you got slapped with the old same final post,you feel like why i care since he doesn't care about my visit,to hell:)
the one who writes alot is ok with me coz a blog is for self-expression whenever u feel like so,even 100 times a day.

Anonymous said...

I am ok with both...coz blogs are kinda personal...fa it is always ok to post hundred posts even with the same title and "Mary had a little lamb" in the text field. On the other is perfectly fine if someone blogs once a year...never been irritated by such thing..

still breathing said...

worst case scenario is posts like "i dunno what 2 write" kind of stuff.

nzam n3melak e y3ni?? nekteblak e7na??

KareemFromEgypt said...

still breathing:

i do think the haven't posted anything in ages bothers me more especially if they had something to say before, some of the most interesting bloggers stopped writing and didn't give us any reason, what annoys me most are the ones who erase the old stuff they wrote, that's just cruel


the only thing that annoys me with the 15 posts a day blogger is that i feel bad for missing what they had to say, sometimes it's just too much to follow and i just end up reading the march archives in may which puts you out of reality shewaya i mean seriously how can he/she expect us to follow keda?


as always the one to defend the true nature of blogging, i know it's his space honey bas bardo just as he has a right to blog whenever the need arrises i have an equal right to be anoyed :)

Walaa: LOL for the nekteblak e7na??

Pazuzu said...

Nothing bothers me in life, when I'm in a good mood. But then imagine someone who posts 15 posts/day, you already know that person (or at least you'll get to know him) you only need to start reading to understand what it's about. on the other hand, think of someone that used to post and then suddenly stopped, it either bored him/her, or s/he is going through some sort of trouble, either cases it has little effect on my life, it only takes a click to get to a blog, (especially for someone like me that feels empty when she doesn't have 3+ pages open at the same time).

What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't bother me :D

still breathing said...

yea i think they owe us an explanation... y3ni y2olo i'll be away or sth..msh lazem y2olo lee..bas at least make a notification.

Alluring said...

A blog is a personal place to ramble, if some people find it entertaining, then ok.

The owner of a blog is in no way obliged to please the public, it's his or her own venting window, and if some people don't like it, then tough.

Just my two cents ya koko ;)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i know it's personal ya LoLo bas sometimes you worry about what happened to people, tab at least they could comment on other blogs or reply to comments on hers, like do anything to show us they're still alive. Case in point Ms. Hanouma who's nowhere to be found and i'm starting to get worried

Pazuzu said...

Koko, Lolo, I thought that's something only snobish Lebanese do (foufou, joujou, coco, roro, ...)

Alluring said...


Worry? you're so soft hearted :P
You're right though, for example, i can't find anything to write after my last post, but i do comment on others blogs.

But i still think no one's obliged to please others, people may get busy, or bored, or simply don't feel like posting.


It has nothing to do with being snobbish in Egypt, those are merely nicknames.

sah ya koko? :D

KareemFromEgypt said...

sa7 ya LOLO ;)

i guess i'm a softy deep down below the tough exterior... oh who am i kidding even my exterior is soft