Sunday, May 28, 2006

IF THESE BLOGGERS MET/ bloggers party

Hypothetical situation: a gathering of some sorts with no regards to geographical boundaries (the fact that A Pair Of Brown Eyes is in Canada or that Cup Of Malice is in Dubai)

So I gather the courage to invite a certain number of bloggers who I frequent their blogs and they are the following

Yasmina , lilith , The great AZ , sandmonkey, sam, maxxed out , Mr. Ahmed Shokeir , Nerro , TAN aka theassimilatednegro , Ka3'eem from the now defunct tazbeet, Wombat and Midwest from kiss n blog, the almost 40-year old virgin , mohamad from "from cairo with love", the guys from Gazma 7arimi , the shadow's end, tomanbay who I suspect that I know, forsoothsayer, Muslim convert lady, Pazuzu, A Pair Of Brown Eyes, Raghood , Hanouma, alluring or Lolo, cleopatrina, Mo'men from great misconceptions, Cup Of Malice for sure, Mando, the still breathing Walaa Emam, leilouta, Hera , bar bar a, Spanish moza and sand-e-sez

The only non-blogger invited would be my good friend(MF)

Maybe I missed out on some of you, but you get my point

First to arrive would be a punctual yasmina and the bored out of his mind mando, followed closely by Midwest and wombat and the 40 year old virgin, the guys from gazma 7arimy show up together making a lot of noise and followed by Ka3’eem and Mohamed from cairo, and In an hour everybody is there except sandmonkey, pazuzu, alluring (forsoothsayer, sand-e-sez and Sam who are all "a no show")

The chilled mood is set with the tunes of Zero 7, Thievery Corporation and manal’s favorite soap kills

People start mingling and I immediately set my sights for Yasmina who I am extremely intrigued by and I make use of the fact that sandmonkey hasn’t shown up yet so I know I’ll have her attention :)

We chat for a while about nothings and how life is different in Egypt for her this time and obviously I am over excited about this long overdue geting to know each other beyond blogs but i hide it well, meanwhile Cup of malice goes straight for a Pair Of Brown Eyes as he is notoriously known for the attraction to petite brunettes ( I don’t blame him) who is not interested since he is after all an Arab man, Midwest cuts in and whisks Cup of Malice away to a secluded corner next to the bar for exactly the same reason (dark and handsome and all) and POBE is relieved

Sandmonkey arrives fashionably late and louder than usual (not possible) and immediately both yasmina and POBE go to hang with him (although both deny the possibility of hooking up with him) but he’s too busy arguing with Tomanbay about the recent events to notice them. Mohamed from cairo takes tomanbay’s side and leilouta backs sandmonkey fiercely

Mr. shokeir and hanouma swap pictures of their kids (does hanouma have kids?) and start making up stories inspired by the crowd while sipping on some tea and a long island ice tea respectively

Of course Cleopatrina and the still breathing walaa huddle together and start critizing and sarcastically commenting on everybody, as they are running out of people they start commenting on each other and quite soon they flip each other off, cleopatrina goes to practice her perfect mother-tongue like Spanish on the very rusty hanouma and walaa goes to chat with muslim convert lady who surprisingly is still present till now as this is not her kind of place

TAN is annoyed that there isn’t a single assimiliated negro present other than him, and is about to address Cup of Malice as he thinks maybe he’s a semi-assimilated negro but then recognizes the accent to be extremely white and changes his mind, he is about to leave when he notices a rather bored POBE and they both sneak out early together to a shaded spot

The shadow’s end and the almost 40 year old virgin debate both why vaginas should be destroyed and why men seem to be jerks they are joined by wombat and Ka3’eem who gives them his own theory on the alpha male and biological reasons behind our attraction to females and vice versa after trying every single pick up line of the 50 he had on his blog (before something went terribly wrong and he disappeared) on yasmina and midwest and failing miserably

Meanwhile the hopeless romantics from gazma 7arimy are trailing pazuzu (who should have known better than to use that fatal Lebanese accent in front of any Egyptian) and she can’t seem to shake them off, they all compose poems for their Lebanese femme fatale and eventually she starts to enjoy the ego-feeding attention

Mo’men and bar bar a go into deep analysis of Pink Floyd and forget about everybody else present as they can’t believe that someone could be a bigger fan of Pink Floyd

I am busy now with teasing raghood about her married boss and her younger sister when mando cuts in and starts hitting on her ( not sure wether that would work as obviously he still needs work on his style and preferably lessons from TAN who already left) I point out to him that alluring is by herself ( I am evil) and Raghood and I watch as she annihilates his character and nearly rips his head off managing somehow to mention that she is engaged in the process, he takes it surprisingly well and moves on to join the now increasingly popular discussion about alpha males and how they are ruining our reputation

Less than 5 minutes after the conversation the Spanish moza notices mando who looks a lot like her arab prince (lucky bastard) and they hit it off immediately and disappear towards the dimly-lit kitchen, drinking cocktails and flirting like there’s no tomorrow

I locate maxxed out and we start conversing about how both of us are scared of pretty women and how we are both surprisingly okay with that fact.

Meanwhile Nerro, takes both cleopatrina and walaa under her wing, resolves the conflict between them and restores the peace

The great AZ is chating with hera and lilith about her new line of wearable mis-fits clothing line and asking for feed back when all of a sudden a fist fight breaks out between the overly aggressive sandmonkey and a passive aggressive tomanbay who knows how to push our monkey’s buttons calmly and both won’t back down from their views, maxxed out holds sandmonkey back and Mohamed from cairo does the same to tomanbay (who isn’t as agitated as our monkey) in order to stop the fight and maxxed out gets a black eye courtesy of sandmonkey's elbow in the process. Cup of malice and I suggest a drinking contest to resolve the conflict (with (MF) singing the wenta sakraan/cuz i got high song) which tomanbay loses after his 2nd shot of tequila, throws up on the guys from gazma 7arimy and passes out, yasmina carries on in his place not out of support for tomanbay, hell no, but in support of all tequila manufacturers in the world.

Now this ends our segment on the first bloggers party, hope you enjoyed your stay and tell me if you did or didn't

Cheers everybody


Mando said...

hey !! i'm not "that" bored, and besides i'm nothing near punctual at all, i'd arrive halfway :D

now that i think of it, i'm the first one who commented on this right after u posted it (always checking blogs)
does that make me really bored ?? :(

you give me way too much credit my friend, i still need alot more experience to hit it off with a girl like our spanish moza :)

its a very interesting idea though, all of us gathering like that, but i imagine the real thing would have been even far more chaotic than u described it.

also on another personal note.
being the attention whore i am, i would have probably tried to do some goofy thing to make everyone laugh.

Ahmed Shokeir said...

ياراجل بأه انت ليك بلوج وانا ماعرفش ، شكرا تكنوراتي اللي وصلني هنا
يخرب بيت جنانك تجميعة جامدة جدا ومنتقاه من المدونيني وتخيل اقرب للواقع انا فعلا اكيد هاستوحي قصص كتيرة من الشخوص اللي حاضرة بس مش معقول هاتكون هيرا موجودة ومش هاتكلم معاها اكيد هاضمها للقعدة مع هنومة اللي مش لاقي لينك ليها عشان اعرفها اكتر
عموما ياكريم انت طلعت حكاية

Tomanbay said...

la2 walahi it takes LOTS of talent to keep track of all those charachters (I usually get lost after the 3rd charachter --- who r u again)
but seriously, me in a fist fight with Sandmonkey...I'd bitch-slap him all the way to bible belt--nah..he knows I love him...really, but its a 'tough love' kindda thing..
Won't say I wasn't flattered by the cool-guy-pushing-the-angry-monkey-to-madness -without-phasing persona!
so me!!
really funny man! u r the best!

Maxxed`ouT said...

i was hoping u'd hook me up with someone but instead am walking out with a black eye ?! :S

Cup of Malice said...

Ah, the merriment of cyber space and the cyber spaced out.
Well done K, I must admit that despite my all encompassing lexiconal fortitude and warped sense of reality, I would not have been able to throw a party of the mind such as yours (whether I waould actually want to is open to critical debate).

I think you got my charecter down to a pointy T, and for that, I salute you.

Alluring said...

Eh da ya koko, I didn't have fun in the party and thats quite unlikely!

I'm engaged but that doesn't mean I can't have fun you know!

I actually would look for maxxed and hang out with him, I'm sure we'll have a great time ;)

BUt the whole idea is very interesting, looking forward for blogger's party part two :)

Nerro said...

This sounds boring for me ya Kareem :(...where is the fun part..I don't like the Olive Branch role :D

Cleopatrina said...

so i turn out to be the sarcastic bitch! ill kill u for this yalla! looling

KareemFromEgypt said...

mando: i like that expression (attention whore), if it's any solace, you did make people laugh by getting your head bitten off by alluring

Mr shokeir: hanouma leha link between raghood and alluring or lolo

tomanbay: i said i think i know u because you mentioned that you know 2 of the three names mentioned in the article and it wasn't to blow any bombs in your post "how not to get caught by the police" bas anyway i appreciate you needing to remain annonymous because of what's been happening lately, keep up the good work

maxxed out: black eye and comic relief for the rest of us too, maybe you could have hooked up with alluring, she seems to entertain that thought

Cup Of Malice: salute accepted, who knows you more than me man, huh? who's your motherfucker? (a la jerry maguire)

Alluring: maxxed out was kinda lonely and licking his wounds by the end, he could definately use some good times/fun

Nerro: well i figured from the way you defend everyone's right to blog whenever he feels like even the once a year blogger and so i figured you'd enjoy that role, obviously i need to get to know you better ;)

cleopatrina: well you do get quite sarcastic sometimes ya cleo, gotta admit what i said has a hint of reality, bygones

Nerro said...

:D...yeah...and to make it easy for you...I AM A GEMINI :D "expect lots of trouble when are bored"
I loved the idea though.

KareemFromEgypt said...

i am part gemeni bardo ya nerro

as in born 3ala el cusp of cancer so i can get crazy too

looks like we're gonna have fun at the next party, next month

The Sandmonkey said...

Sweet. Leilouta would back me up big time. She is my dawg, homez. Fo shizzle.

Tomanbay you be trippin. You know you ain't got what it takes to take the monkey out. Fool, I slap punks for livin, ya think you can take me? Boy I would kick yo skinny ass into last week. But nahh, I am just frontin. Me got mad love fo my dizzle T-BAY. He is still a young'n, but he got skillz. Respect T.B. , Respect!

(Why the fuck am I writing like this?)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i was about to ask the same question sandmonkey

on a similiar note:

Q why does snoop dogg carry an umbrella with him all the time?

A Fo' drizzle

hehe it's an old one but i still like it, glad you passed by sam adam :p

still breathing said...

so here's a party that i actually show up at!
man i didn't go to my prom!!!

anyway, nice description...i love cleopatrina already.

thx 4 inviting me :)

. said...

I'm not gonna point out the obvious... im sure sandmonkey will once he notices the little details he enjoys teasing me about so much.

Pazuzu said...

Wow a party! And I'm invited?!

So I get all that attention from two guys that compose poems in an Arabic that I don't really understand, I'm impressed. But I hope you don't expect me to wear something like that thing they have on there blog, NO WAY!! Nyyyyaaa2!!!

And what's with the late arrival thing? I might be Lebanese but I am never late on anything.

still breathing said...

u know, we should really do that sometime...

Mando said...

indeed, meeting such a varied and interesting bunch of folks is a thrilling experience to say the least.

makes u wish this was possible to do in real life.

still breathing said...

i was talking about doing this in REAL life mando :)

still breathing said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KareemFromEgypt said...

ya walaa take your death galery pics away from my blog

it's not a place to show dead people dismembered or run over by trains

Sand-E Sez said...

I'm a no show? I'm disappointed! Maybe perhaps somebody conveniently "forgot" to invite me! It's cuz i live in the Nakada isn't it?! Out with it... Zee truth shall set you free!

still breathing said...

*embaressed face* sorry!
u can delete that comment u know.

Safiya said...

I'm shocked (and pleased of course) that I was invited, I didn't realise you read my blog.

You're right about the party not being my sort of place ;)

johny bravo said...

i'm flattered getting the invitation ya Kareem,thanks alot & i'll be about 30 mins late coz I enjoy showing up after somepeople so I can have some eyes on me while I walk down the red-carpet stairs:P,looking at a point behind every head and to no one's eyes.
typical thg i will do in ur party is i won't be interested in hooking up,just standing away watching every one closely till i get a bit comfortable then i can accept people introducing themselves"not vise versa",i won't spend with anyone more than 10 minutes as i get bored easily.Except you of course ya kareem i'm willing to spend the whole party with,;). so u'll tease me abt my married super & sis,well,since u mentioned,i guess i won't be in the mood during the party & when you ask me why i'll tell u coz i've that daily misunderstanding with my married super & ana me7'asmah & he didn't come yet yesali7ny,so i'm down & angry,will talk & think abt him alot till you'll find me all of sudden jumping from my place for a call from him beysali7ny.Only then,i'll be cheerful & start smiling & mingling :P
Mando,,hmmm ok,looks matter 4 me alot so I hope ya mando u work on it b4 we meet;),,e77em do i have any chance with cup of malice or any handsome guy u recommend?:)..have i mentioned i'm not intereested in hooking up??;)
interesting very smart idea ya kareem begad I really enjoyed imagining seeing all those people together at one place,will be so challenging and exciting, waiting for part2

Mando said...

>>>Mando,,hmmm ok,looks matter 4 me alot so I hope ya mando u work on it b4 we meet ;)

Ummm. (Shy smile)
interesting thought, but other than clothing style and hair style i dont think there's much more i can "work on" about my looks.

i'm afraid i'm kinda stuck with what i have now :D (which isnt too shabby by the way if i might add)

the only other way u can "work on" your look is plastic surgery as far as i see it :P (and that's a no go for me)

dont worry though, i'm very well known for my really crappy first impressions :D (but to be fair most people who hated my guts when they first met me but got to know me more always say that they were really surprised later on by who i really was)
I guess that with me, the second time's the charm :)

forsoothsayer said...

i would show...i show up to anything (and i'm moving to egypt).

Crazy Girl said...

Me thinks it would be super cool! You know I might have a place that we could so it! I'm game but I would need time to work on it and ya all would have to come!

Why do you think I would not pay any attention to you? Grrr whats up with the SM threesome thing?

I think we could all use a party!!

How about this if I get the place ya wanna do it? But we would have to keep it top seceret or the I have a feeling the Egyptian police would be all over the place!!

He he! Never met anyone that was intrigued by me! Your cool kareem would be fun meeting you. I think it would be fun meeting you, maxxed out, cup of malice and foroothsayer and I can't wait to see Jem!!

spanish_moza said...

Thanks for the invitation to your cool party Kareem.
I've had a great time meeting all of you (BTW, did I tell you that Mando is really sweet ??? ;-) ).

Your post is so original...., it would be great if we could really do something like that...

still breathing said...

thumps up for spanish moza!

Mando said...

>>>BTW, did I tell you that Mando is really sweet ??? ;-)

*Mando Faints*

KareemFromEgypt said...

Walaa: missing the prom? why would you do that? i sense a story behind it

POBE: obviously it's not that obvious cuz i didn't notice anything at all, come on!!! plz point out the obvious, i promise i won't tease you. and what's with deleting all the previous posts? :( i miss the old pic of the corner of the mouth, it warmed my insides and gave me a fuzzy feeling

pazuzu: there was a 3rd guy in gazma 7arimi called solo, he was the best story teller of all of them, dunno what happened to him, as for the shoe on their blog, well... you can wear whatever you want to the party, nice photos on your blog

still breathing and mando: good idea

sand-e-sez: Nakada :) just thought you wouldn't bother

Walaa again: i am technologically challenged, i dunno how to delete a comment aslan

Safiya: glad you attended my party, and i do read your blog and enjoy it tremendously

Raghoody: maybe next party we'll spend it all together ;) you could have a go at cup of malice but be forewarned he gets bored easily too, he's not married though so i don't think he's your type :p

Forsoothsayer: moving to egypt? anytime soon? maybe you can attend the real thing with us, dunno why i figured you wouldn't show, probably because sometimes you're critical of bloggers including yourself

FUNKY JAZZ/yasmina: work on it, i would love to do it in real life, we could all use a party.
I didn't say you wouldn't pay attention, i said i'd have ALL your attention
And yes with a guest list including SM and TB the police would most probably crash our small gathering
I AM intrigued by you as i said before and i'm sure meeting maxxed out would be cool too, i've known Cup Of Malice for over 6 years now and he is one of the coolest guys ever, you'd get along

Spanish moza: Glad you had a good time, but take it easy on our poor mando, be gentle

still breathing said...

yea... a terrible story, interested to know it?

maybe it is for the gallery isn't that awful after all :)

Pazuzu said...

Kareem, if you ever manage to delete comments, you can always let me know. I am "technologically challenged" too

Leilouta said...

"....and leilouta backs sandmonkey fiercely."

...defend fiercely while tripping over chair :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

ya walaa i'm serious either u tell me how or u remove it yourself, i don't appreciate mis-leading people by saying "intereting pics here" 3ala images of people with half their faces blown off

on another less serious note i would like to know why carrie missed her prom, let me know

Pazuzu: as a general rule i'm against deleting comments bas in this particular case i'm completly for it, if i ever find out i'll tell you

leilouta: i meant a verbal backing up, didn't know you were clumsy, i'll keep that in mind

Mando said...

ok, being the computer geek i used to be here is a little tip :P

you can delete comments u posted by going to the post u commented on and then click on "post a comment" to open the comment posting page.

then instead of writing a new comment in the text box, all you have to do is scroll up to see the comment u posted that u want to delete.
underneath it u will see a little trashbin button, if u click on it u can delete your comment (you need to be logged on for this to work.)

Mando said...

oh and i forgot to add that the method i mentioned is used to delete comments that YOU posted on other people's blogs.
so if u want to remove walaa's photos comment she's the one who has to follow these steps and delete it.

Mando said...

okay okay, after more tinkering around turns out i was wrong.

the method i mentioned can be used also to delete comments on your own blog too (i just hadn't tried to check it at my own blog before posting the two previous posts.)

instead of seeing the trashcan icon only under your own post, you see it under every post if it was your own blog.

(i wish i was less hasty instead of posting 3 comments in a row)

still breathing said...

lol @ mando

i deleted it 7'las.. 23sabak y3ni... msh 3rfa e elli medy2ak bas!

anyway, here's the story ya seedi

i was planning the usual stuff for the big night, choosing a dress from a pretty catalogue and preparing for every single detail...
i was quite excited till a week b4 it and alla sudden i just lost interestcoz of the following:

me & my friends fought... i fought with the prom's organizers about the whole bfs-coming-along thing, and the organizers fought with our school adminisration about some other details like beer and belly dancer.
it just turned into 1 big awful stupid fight & hard feelings started piling up.

i didn't need all that...i had my own private little cosy party instead ;)

johny bravo said...

mando,no offense,but i'm a first- impressionistic girl who really weights looks,,i see you market well for urself,secondtime's charm;),hmm i guess i could give you a chance,specially with Spanish mozza testimony on u,a rival here:)
kareem,well cup of malice is not married but he's other credits,so why not!!variations amuse:P & above all ,why you refer to my super as always married guy,i disregard that part actually as a minor detail,if i kept refering to him as such, i won't enjoy that much;) he is just my super lovely spoiling super:P
so i'll be the party queen by spending the whole of it with you,flattered.

. said...

obviously it's not that obvious cuz i didn't notice anything at all, come on!!! plz point out the obvious, i promise i won't tease you.-> AH, well... hahahaha. Monkey and Yas can easily tell you that if their is a single black guy in a 50 block radius we shall meet, we shall become interested and I will end up "secluded" with him. It's just ironic that i ended up running of with TAN. Who, i know nothing about.
And what's with deleting all the previous posts? :( i miss the old pic of the corner of the mouth, it warmed my insides and gave me a fuzzy feeling-> "Fuzzy feelings" hmmm i dunno if i wanna be responsible for giving you the Fuzz-es. Well, I can restick up a foto, if you want. Trouble is finding one i like (there are sooo very few acceptable ones) and one that doesn't show my entire face. hmmm. I'll hunt around.

Cup of Malice said...

if it serves your purpose, I can always slip a ring on my dedo anular (one for the spaniards) and moan incessantly about my nagging wife. All pary of the COM platinum package.

Has it been 6 years? Damn dawg, f'longizzle timezzle! And what is happening on the weekend plan?

Just say the word and I am there, I will even bring my glow in the dark shot glasses and my archery set, has anyone read William Tell?

KareemFromEgypt said...

mando: thx man

walaa: a3saby ahda now thx for the delete

i understand the beer but a belly dancer at a prom????? that's a first for me

p.s you make the word cozy sound naughty, dunno why

ya raghoody: i was just pulling your leg with the married boss, just as i do with alluring mentioning that she's engaged :p

jem: didn't know you were into black guys, it was just a scenario i had in my head, figured he'd be the one who'd catch your eye, i'm phsycic it seems, as for the photo... well, i meant fuzz-es in a good way, actually all fuzzy feelings are good.
but anyway good luck with the photo hunt and don't be too hard on yourself i think you looked fine in the 2 or three pics you had posted before deleting, as i said before one can be both clever AND beautiful

COM: the weekend plan has been moved to next week, hopefully i'll arrive on wednesday night, which means we get the weekend to celebrate and catch up dawg

Mando said...

this thread is slowly turning into a chat channel :P

makes me wonder really if we should setup our own chat channel (would be really interesting to get to meet and talk to u guys on a daily basis)

Sand-E Sez said...

Take the initiative Mando. I dub thee the in house techy!

KareemFromEgypt said...

count me in too mando

Mando said...

alright, i'm not really sure how exactly to do it but i will look around and post later about what i have discovered.

7ada3bes 7abba ba2a and we'll see :)

Mando said...

ok after looking around, i now hosted an IRC channel as a test

(i'm not really sure if this is the best idea since i dunno how many people here are familiar with using IRC clients like mIRC for example)

anyway if u're using mIRC just connect to DALnet: random server

then after u are connected and at the channel join window join the channel called bloggers_hangout

i just need someone to test this with me and see if i did it right.

i will try to find an easier way like setting up a web based chat channel that u dont need to use any software to join, that should make it easier for all our "technologically challenged" friends if they didnt know what the hell i was talking about here.

still breathing said...

i was in a sisters school and u can't imagine el kabt elli kan 3andena... plus its still fun 4 girls to watch a belly dancer... they didn't get one anyway.

still breathing said...

instead the IRC thing...y can't we just get together in real??
i know there r ppl outta egypt..but at least the ppl who r here can make it right?

KareemFromEgypt said...

walaa: i can't relate to el kabt u had but i sure can imagine it :) well at least that explains the dancer part, as for the real life thingy we can do that along with the chat thingy if u like

mando: go for the web based chat, i have a feeling it would be more widely accepted

Hanouma said...

thanx Kareem for the invitation, but sorry i wasn't blogging for a while. i was moving from a place to anozer and it was a nightmare for me. now the nightmare is over so u'll c me a lot.

i read the begining of ure story, thank u for mentioning me but i couldn't continue coz i'm not feeling well these days( i'm not my self).
any way i'll finish it later but Chapeau, u have a great imagination.

take care and c u soon

Hanouma said...

by the way i forgot to tell, i might join the kids at the bar instead of showing my little daughter pics, also my husband( a former blogger) would b with me too specially now we talk a lot about my blog and ures so he would b interested in meeting all these creowd of bloggers.

johny bravo said...

cup of malice,no no no,don't act as a married man,this will let me down matet7'ailsh ezay.coz i'll feel it's not mine & this will hold me back.Instead think abt another option to make You interesting & challenging,an easily-bored person like me will always fight for "unavailable" guy,it always motivates 'n keeps me longer.tell me idea how u can be that?
Kareem,grrrrrrr,pull my leg,well well,my friends tease me now that they see me-my super daily clashes kinda strange "as if a girl-boyfriend 's ones",however,he's faithful to his wife, sadly he may bring it along with him tomorrow in a colleague B-day party:(.won't enjoy it then.I insist,he is just my super:P
mando,being far ignorant in net than kareem,i can't get the chat thg here,if i'm invited for it,send me a registration link to put me in,don't give me more details plzzz:)

Mando said...

alright here it is boys and girls :)

to join the hangout channel for us just go to the Bloggers Hangout !!

and enter ur nickname email and come to chat with us, kareem and me are already there right now :)

by the way, its a good idea to register ur nickname after u enter the channel so that u can be the only one using it to prevent other people talking there as yourself (once u're inside ask me or kareem and we'll help u on how to do that)

Cup of Malice said...


I have a few possible options that would render me anwhere between hard to get to totally unavailable... Pick your favourite;

1. I am recovering from a super serious break up of a relationship which had lasted 4 years and 7 months.

2. I am a workaholic and sincerely belive that dating detracts from my time at the office.

3. I am an incurable hedonist

4. I am secretly involved with Pazuzu

5. I am a superhero, so I can't get involved with anyone fearing that my enemies may hurt them.

Special K,
Thanks for the update, ahole. You could have SMSed me, I was planning a big shindig in your honour.


mIRC would have been my preference,if you need help with setting something up on the stream, tell me, good one none the less on the bean chat. To the IT uninitiated out there, the PC world is much wider than you know, shape up or ship out!!!

Pazuzu said...

>4. I am secretly involved with Pazuzu

So much for "secretly"

Mando said...

well cup of malice, the Java based chat i linked is still IRC based.

so if u want to chat with us using an IRC client like mIRC all u have to do is connect to the IRCstorm server ( then join the channel #bloggers_hangout

this is the same channel as our web based one... so u can have it that way too.

so this option works best for both types of our bloggers :)

The Assimilated Negro said...

waddup party people!!

I"m more apt to assimilate and engage with the rest of the party (especially all the beautiful ladies) than slink off and sulk because there are no assimilated negroes.

of course I do like one-on-ones, where you get to really make a connection, as well ... so if this POBE/Jem damsel is cute, smart, sassy etc then your storyline is quite plausible. ANd I've never dated a Canadian I don't think, so that's extra incentive also ....

hope you had plenty of cranberry and vodka for me (preferably Ketel 1) ...

and if you had a microphone you might have even gotten an impromptu hip hop performance ...

anyways, alls well that ends well. interesting idea/post. And hopefully no one got AIDS or any STD's. Remember that protection bloggers...


johny bravo said...

cup of malice,wow wow wow,,u really ahve some of my favorite options.I will pick 1,2.since i also need my space to do wht i want fa a workholic person will serve my goal well.hmmm recovering is a bit hard coz i'v eto bear the sudden silence when u'll go with ur memories as well as the stupid compariosn bet. me & other. 5 will back me off totally coz im nt interested in freaky paranoic guys:P. if ur secretly involved with Pazuzu,so it's again not my place,I don't fight for wht's not mine.
but good options cup of malice,i chose mine 7'alas:)

Mo'men said...

"Mo’men and bar bar a go into deep analysis of Pink Floyd and forget about everybody else present as they can’t believe that someone could be a bigger fan of Pink Floyd"

ana tab3an :P

thanks for the invitation we kater 7'eir el 7ekooma (you know what i mean :P )

Cup of Malice said...

The beautiful Raghood has mad her choice.

K, can we have this particular plot twist incorporated into your next installment, perhaps with some better snacks, seriously guy, there was nothing to eat at your last party, what kind of a host are you???

KareemFromEgypt said...

TAN: you won't be disapointed with JEM, next time i'll arrange a mic (not a mike) and you can sing "the road to nowhere" i like it

Mo'men: so i'm busted khalas, well hope you enjoy your stay

p.s 2oltelo ostazak ostazak osatazak OSTAZAK Kiko :D

COM: shut up

Pazuzu said...

Raghood, don't worry, I don't mind, besides he can't keep a secret... Oh, sorry I shouldn't make it so easy.
Ok forget it, just take my advice and go for #5, that way he'll be very useful in getting you out of tricky situations, and he'd be physically well built, and besides, the romance is always better then, all those repressed emotions and stuff. I vote for the fifth option

johny bravo said...

pazuzu,thnx for being tht flexible & for the advice.hmmm, if u can guarantee he will be that emotionally,mentally & physically perfect superhero,this is tempting,still i'm annoyed by the between- the-lines paranoia & theory of conspiracy "enemies,hurt,",u know!!

Cup of Malice said...

Pazuzu, Raghood,

Therapy, NOW!


You do of course realise that I can inflict grevious bodily harm upon your unsuspecting form with a Karaoke Microphone, c'est non?

Pazuzu said...

Well raghood, I can't really "guarantee" anything on the emotional and mental level, my relationship with His Noble Self was just on the a physical level. But physically speaking he was good enough for me, I am not sure if he could fly and see through walls though, you'll have to test that yourself.

Cup Of Malice:

It isn't wise to associate women and therapy in the same sentence, you don't know when you'll be desperate enough to run after the a certain woman so keep some good liaisons

johny bravo said...

pazuzu,hmmmm, good recommendation & marketing for cup of malice.Being a superficial girl,looks & physical level matters alot for me :)so I can buy this we hashof mawdo3 el emotional & intellectual dah ba3din :)
Cup of malice: therapy eih bas,if u mean we'll make therapy for u,well it's okay for me if you'll pay well.:)

Cup of Malice said...

Raghood, me producing a sizeable amount of currency in exchange for you theraputic services would depend on the content of these proposed sessions...

Pazuzu, I know that you are going to dig into your trusty dictionary to come up with a response to this; I would never abase myself by running after a woman, I believe that any woman that can capture my interest (short lived as it may be) would understand that the games are unneccessary, and besides, who wouldn't want me (check out my latest post).

Wombat & Aspen said...

Cool idea. More chicks though.


johny bravo said...

cup of malice: as far as i see from u,sessions will focus mainly on solving ur egoistic problem & this high exaggarated self-image abt ur being irressitable,will try helping u getting more down to earth.Other sessions will be on the paranoic part & some on the snobbish attitude.:P"kidding"
U can see they are integrated sessions here,is it tempting pack for u so far? if not let me know so i can get u a special pack upon ur choice.
Yeah forgot to tell u tht sessions will have amusing part,flirting and many sweet girls tellin u how lucky they're being at ur presence,will try also more exploring of ur personality,giving u much space talking abt ur glorious past & other complexities:P

Sam said...

I'm in just as long as there's lots of alcohol to get the women drunk.. erm I mean to socially interact with people :), good music which for some reason I feel you've got good taste in, and a mega ass place to put us all in.

Ok, I cleared all my schedules until the party.. so when is it again?

Pazuzu said...

Well Your Noble Self, I am sorry to disapoint you, but this time you'll have to win without a fight, checked the enteries but that's interesting (not that you are close to competing with my physiques, but you're not bad, for an arab;) ) anyway... um... what anyway, I have nothing else to say