Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wenta sakran, wenta kharban, wenta sakraaaaaaaan, pararappappaa

i just felt the need to tell you that "turn the page" by metallica is the best cover version ever, it's better than the original song

the top 5 are

1- "turn the page" Metallica covering Bob Seger

2- "word up" Gun covering Cameo

3- "knocking on heaven's door" Adam Sandler Parodying/mocking Axl Rose ( i know not a real cover but funny as hell)

4- "romeo and Juiliet" Indido Girls covering Dire Straits ( actually both versions were sweet, and indigo girls also covered "i don't wanna talk about it" by everything but the girl better than the original)

and last but certainly not least

5- My best friend (MF)'s egyptian version of Afroman's "because i got high"

cuz i got high, becuz i got high, becoz i got hiiiiigh (wenta sakraan, wenta kharbaan, wenta sakraaaaan)

p.s the movie "rent" has a very nice soundtrack but u need to watch the movie first, rosario dawson, hmmm... i think i'm in love


Sand-E Sez said...

I liked Rent... It's too bad i didn't make it intime to the theatre to see it performed live but that opening song is one of those where the tune sticks to your head but the words escape you.It sort of makes singing it a bit tricky.

Alluring said...

I just wanted to say welcome back ya koko ;)

Mando said...

u ever heard "i smoke two joints" by bob marley??
ur friend might like it too if he likes "beause i got high"

anyway rent is awesome, i saw the musical play in the Shaftesbury Theatre in london a couple of years ago.

didnt really get the chance to see the movie, but might give it a go once i have more time on my hands.

KareemFromEgypt said...

524,600 minutes (seasons of love)

i am listening to it right now, the cast has amazing voices

thanks ya lolo

i heard of it, used to have it before my computer crashed. i had the cover version by sublime too

saw the play huh? niceeeee
if you attend plays in london u might want to check out mamma mia. i'm not an ABBA fan but i still enjoyed it tremendously

see the movie it's cool and rosario dawson kicks serious, major league ass

johny bravo said...

i understand perfectly nothing from what you wrote here,,all are unfamiliar to me since I dont listen to that music & didnt watch that movie:) but I caoncluded that you're probably drunk while writing this:)

Cup of Malice said...

Raghood, Don't mind the K man, he has a deep seeded (or is that seated) desire to be esoteric and archaic.

I believe that it stems from his near philia of the 'huh?' sound. He also thinks that citing bands with a fan base consistent of themselves makes him smarter and therefore more physically desireable.

K, it still doesn't work!!!

KareemFromEgypt said...

Raghood: me? drunk? well...

that wasn't the reason for writing this bas i was indeed highly dandy

COP: it's a deep seated belief as in "el fekra" sat in ur brain and doesn't wanna budge :)

a fan base consistent of themselves LOL

i missed u too Cup Of Malice

N said...

Thank you for number 4. I thank you truly. Almost no one i know will even think of listening to anyone sing Romeo and Juliet other than dire straits no matter how much i swear that it is way more powerful.
Thank you!