Sunday, May 14, 2006

old email that i stumbled upon/ funny joke

Ever noticed how deleting one word after the other in a sentence can lead to a nice story?

Here's an example:

Oh John please don't touch me at all...!

Oh John please don't touch me at...!

Oh John please don't touch...!

Oh John please don't...!

Oh John please...!

Oh John..!



Anonymous said...

thats actually quite funny indeed :)
that's one i would definitely remember for a long time.

johny bravo said...

Funny naughty ya Kareem,,I like it awy begad.Very telling of "some" reactions,hahahh I like it

still breathing said...

so is "Oh John please don't touch me at all...! " the actual sentence or was sth deleted from it?

KareemFromEgypt said...

Mando: enjoy

Raghood: naughty but sometimes true

still breathing: something deleted like what?

deleted wala replaced? feel free to replace John with appropriate name ;) he3 he3

still breathing said...

the dots @ end of the sentence made me feel there was a word or two after "all".

anyway, never just caught my attention.

why the hell do u use that stupid word verification thing? why can't people just post normally???