Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dreams, nightmares, whatever

for the second day in a row i am rudely woken up from an afternoon nap by a nasty nightmare.

both had to do with fighting or struggling and i usually wake up kicking at something, in the first i was even swimming ( lots of symbols for people interested in dreams )

i am messed up, and it only took me 1 day of work to get me back to nasty nightmares after a wonderful time in dubai

i'm waiting for tomorrow's episode


Alluring said...

What did you in Dubai ya koko!
I thought i told you to be good!!

johny bravo said...

my first time to know u've nightmares frequently. seems Dubai effect didnt last longer as we hoped,or may be you didn't did all u dreamt of there;)
welcome back

KareemFromEgypt said...

alluring: i was good, actually i was great ;)

Raghoody: everybody has nightmares, it's good to be back, i guess

The Eyewitness said...

I know it feels to ahve daily nightmares. By the way, do u have a big meal before sleeping? For me it cause me nightmares.
If it is not the reason, you seem to be very stressed at and having too much rage towards someone or some people, this what makes you nightmares mostly of strugglying and fighting.
This was some notes by Mr. Psychic.

KareemFromEgypt said...

not bad dr. eyewitness, it's very true that it is all about rage towards someone.
i thought i was over it but it seems that i was reminded by the fucking birthday that i must attend today, 7aga weskha, if you go ye2oolo he's doing it 3ashan maybansh menafsen, and if you don't ye2oolo menafsen,

life's a bitch and i'm her pimp. and pimpin ain't easy man

still breathing said...

y3ni e ba2a menafsen?

kol lama as2al 7ad yetaneshni!!

btw, nightmares are great..esp if its about fighting w keda... some may say that it is an indicator that u bottle up aggressive feelings... dunno really... anyway they r still gr8 even if u lose those fights.

still breathing said...

btw u should post sth entitled "how not to be an asshole"

KareemFromEgypt said...

nightmares are great? and you don't like me calling you "still scary"?

menafsin = his nafseya is not good/nafseya ga7eem someone who has issues that he should not be having, capice?

eshme3na how not to be an asshole post??

still breathing said...

aiwa tb3an they r great 4 all the reasons in the world. :)

*if u share ur room wiz sm1 then he/she would just go find somewhere else to sleep...even if its the kitchen's floor..(coz u'll probably scare the hell outta them)

*if they (= the nightmares) wake u up in the middle of the night, it is still great coz u can just fill the tub with scented foamy soap and relax without having any1 banging on the door (coz they'll b sleeping)
or go eat the cheddar crackers ur parents were saving for breakfast ..haha

and* if u live alone, it'll just give u the time to write down ur hit list or think of ways to do whetever bad thoughts u r having without getting caught.

ummm.. abt how not to be an asshole...well, it seems u r well experienced with dealing with assholes and so u probably have pretty good info about what things should one avoid inorder not to be one...donchya think?

Alluring said...

"i was good, actually i was great ;)"

That's my koko ;)

Cleopatrina said...

i think u have a guilty conscience..clear it.its priceless

johny bravo said...

i also attended a birthday Kareem,wht a coincidence,may be we were at same place wala eih;).i went coz i love those friends but was bit detached coz the guy "used to be my intimate"is the now boyfriend of my friend,so i was one of the "common" marginal friends sitting there to make the image we ye7alo el 2a3da el romantikia,,7aga te2ref
still breathing: u should try having a scary nightmare when ur alone,waking up finding no one to talk to ,cry with or hold u closely,even when u call someone while ur trembling with fear & sadness,all are not available to support you,then u continue crying & trembling alone till u get a painful cramp at feet.may be then u can know how great nightmares are! ask me abt how it feels.

still breathing said...

haha..i actually have them on a daily basis.. and they do repeat themselves sometimes...that's y one has to cope wiz them and think they r great.

if u really put that in mind u'll get of be less frightened and lil by lil u'll enjoy them.. frankly i get worried if i have a peaceful sleep.

johny bravo said...

lol,thanks for the freaky logical adaption ya stillbreathin