Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm turning 24 on the 24th


time for a celberation everybody, pop the champagne bottles, party on

as if anybody should need a cause for celebration

and for this memeorable occasion allow me to quote mr Kanye West in his song celebration

Yeah, you know what this is
It's a celebration, bitches!
Grab a drink, grab a glass
After that I grab yo ass

and also

But, I just thought you should know
We hit the liquor store
Got some Cris and some Mo
And we about to let it floooooow

Had some problems before

but see we let em go
Got an ounce of that dro
And we about to let it blooooooow ho, ho ho

ho, ho , looking for some hoe's haaaaay


actually it's still tomorrrow but heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wwwoooohhooooooo

i'm heehaawing from today and will continue till sunday morning

get me something nice


Anonymous said...

Kol sana wenta tayeb ya Kareem :D

still breathing said...

sth nice doesn't mean sth factual or visible huh?

KareemFromEgypt said...

wenty tayeba ya nerro

walaa: i'll leave that to each person's imagination

Crazy Girl said...

Happy birthday Kareem! Something nice? hmmm will have to think!

still breathing said...

okay then...but i have no guarantee that u'll like it :)

don't blame my imagination later!

johny bravo said...

kol sana we inta tayeb ya Kareem, something nice, i guess you already chosen your present from me ;) though it's really expensive but you deserve akid :)
happy B-day kareem & enjoy getting old :P,,time to wise up little kid

The Humanity Critic said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize it was this soon, if you read my comment on your previous post you'll understand why.

Today isn't your birthday, but your mom's-son's-birth-day which in term means quite different. Try to think of something nice to remind her of the hours of labour she was in having you.

Sand-E Sez said...

enjoy it dude!
Happy almost a quarter of a century!

Hanouma said...

Happy Birthday Kareem

Waiting to hear what happened on that special day,

Have Fun

FreudianSlip said...

Happy birthday feels pretty much the same way turning 20 felt like except people expect more from you...good luck:D

Alluring said...

happy bday ya koko.
You need to tell what you would like as i'm clueless when it comes to gifts :P

FallenEssence said...

Happy Belated Bday!!

Cup of Malice said...

You are really throwing anonimity to the wind with this post, n'eat pas?

KareemFromEgypt said...

thanks to everybody and their happy birthday wishes

raghood: ana mafehemtesh 7aga? eh el nezaam? how was your sis's b-day

Walaa: as long as you don't get me something that i could possibly kill then i'll take anything (no pets please, and in that case spiders and snakes count as pets bardo ya still scary :p

Malice: throwing anonimity (or was it animousity?) to the wind? i guess that happened when i became a silent contributer on your blog, plus i doubt that any of them actually reads or follows any blog.
btw man, our tall, dark and handsome female friend and our formerly cross-eyed dubai hemp connection are no more an item. (don't tell anybody yet)

johny bravo said...

mafhemtesh eih ya Kareem belzabt ?
regarding your B-Day present, i'm not counted in "bring you somethg nice" since you already chosen from me wht you want ;) 'n I accepted since my super 'n his wife will be involved along :P

My sis B-Day: nothing more than words of mouth "Happy B-Day little girl, ur now a grown up that can go to adults prisons when committing a crime, you're 21 now :)" heheheheh ,nice sisters aren't we?. I didn't get her anything as I didn't have time begad, but i promised her with 2 gifts from Turkey and US but she has to wait till july, we didn't throw a party but she has a new hair color on her 21st now that fits her perfectly. bas keda

how was your B-Day ba2a Kareeeeeem

still breathing said...

it was a cute lil lizard and u've lost it!

KareemFromEgypt said...

raghoody: i completely forgot about the outing, when is it again? and your sister is begining to sound a lot more interesting :P with the new colour fitting her perfectly and all, tell her fi wa7ed agann menha born on the 24th bardo who is more than interested ;)

Still: elhamdolellah

johny bravo said...

the outing was with no dates but it was associated to ur B-Day as a present.
hmm, so u start again thinkin of my sis.u really proved to be agan menha since u move between my super's wife,me sometimes and my sis specially after her new hair color:).Have i mentioned that this new color makes her hair curls more pretty and well-defined :P
i'll deliver ur message to her anyway,wait for her reply,,i'm kinda matchmaker after all those ages :(
bardo u've to tell me how u spent ur 24th b-Day naughty guy?

KareemFromEgypt said...

curls??? hmmm....

i like curls, never mention curls infront of me again, it's not fair

i'm waiting for that reply

Cup of Malice said...


Actually, I am not surprised at all.

Jeez, the lenghts some people will go to jus to claim that they have ascended from the pit of singular immaturity to the lofty heights of bipartisan adulthood.

Here is my take (and I am in a particularly nast mood this morning); Marriage is a retarded institution, one that demeans the free spirit of mankind. If our society has deemed celbacy as a great thing and nymphomani as a bad thing, that effectively makes marriage 'ok'. I am sorry, I don't do OK, it is boring and uninspiring.

Dammit, what was the point I was trying to make? Fucking alzheimers. Someone kill me now before I go out and snipe me some newly weds.