Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Raghoody Asked

Why do i blog???? raghood asked and i willingly answer, maybe now she'll hook me up with that delectable moody sister of hers

1- why do i blog? well... i guess it's pretty apparent throughout my posts that i'm a very moody person and that i don't adhere to a single theme for my blog, i blog my thoughts and they are as diverse/different as my mood swings (from backstabbing friends passing by second first kisses to songs lyrics and even an occasional Family post, not to mention fidelity) i have mentioned several times that i view blogging as some sort of self therapy and thats why i do it, the only topic i refrain from addressing is politics cuz let's face it i am as tech savvy as i am blonde, so it's probably gonna take "them" about 4 seconds to locate me and i'm sorry but you ain't gonna fuck me.

2- how i started? i signed up to blogger in order to be able to comment on certain blogs, i signed up in december and my first post was in feb about Valentine's day it started as an introductory post about me then evolved into my theory on that Fugly day.

how i was introduced to blogs is through manal and alaa i was googling wi-fi hotspots in egypt and immediatley i was hooked, it's not everyday you find people writting about airplane wankers and in arabic kamaan, pure genius, and it's through manal and alaa that i was introduced to other's like sandmonkey and later on through sandmonkey i discovered yasjess and so on i began stumbling accross more and more blogs, i have been following blogs since july 2005 (more or less)

3- will there be a day when i'll quit blogging and delete it all? can't really say if i'll quit or not, whenever i feel like i'm losing interest, some event happens and you feel like you must vent out, i guess life will always present bloggable thoughts to us, in any case i'd never delete "the truth" even if i quit, it's my first, plus i feel that there might be some people who would be interested in reading it. plus it's near criminal to assassinate thoughts once they've been put to pen and paper or in this case blog, i am extremely annoyed when there's a blog i follow and have some of it's posts on my fav list is deleted and i wouldn't want to do this to anybody


still breathing said...

i like the new color and ur straightforwardness...
1 question though, y did u call it "the truth"?

P.S. it isn't very awful to delete a blog...ppl can survive that :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i called it the truth because in the begining it was gonna be mainly about shattering theories like the v.day one but then i found that to be too much trouble and not what i wanted out of blogging

bas keda

johny bravo said...

OOOhhhhh, My name is a Title in Your Majesty Blog!!!I'm flattered begad,it's my first time my name gains that position,,thanks Kareem,,eh2 eh2 i'm touched " not kidding btw"
thanks Kareem for answering my question that fast,i could read it before travelling 'n that's good.thanks for informing me of how 'n why you blog,it gives soeminsight of what kinda person you're
you've more credit day by day,gonna support you with my sis.;)