Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thanks mom

my sister is constructing a family tree on some website

she was talking with us over lunch today about how she didn't know the full name of our grandma (my dad's mother) and she had to leave it at her first name

and my mom was like: oh honey, it's (so and so) i wrote it in your photo album as soon as you were born

I just had to interrupt: oh mommy dearest, what does it say in MY photo album ( i am evil)

my mom: "silence"/ blank stare

my mom: i wuv you

being a first born is cool, being anythingelseborn sucks white ass

p.s. I wuvv you too mommy


Herlock Sholmes said...

Family tree on some website sounds really cool. what website?

Maat said...

try being the middle child. 1st child gets it all, has some amazing authority and lots of attention as a baby. last child is the "baby", the "youngest", the "weak"...weak alright. middle?'s just not faaaaair.

KareemFromEgypt said...

but she's thinking of changing it and moving into something not so free (advanced)

i'll let you know if she ever finds some place nice

Sam said...

To love your mother is a good thing. I haven't seen mine in 5 years, and father having passed away before that, it's been difficult.

Treasure her and keep her close.

and I'm going to post in your next blog something that will be related to this topic, don't forget.